Friday, July 14, 2006

Pacific Grove Update

Prelogue: I had a fundraiser for my Pac Grove Account this past weekend proceeding a sprint triathlon in Carlsbad, CA. the following email ensued, hope you enjoy it...

okay, so besides feeling like a MAC truck not only ran me over, but actually backed up and then proceeded to run me over again, I have to apologize for the lateness of this heartfelt hello...

1st off, can i just start with saying you are all so fantastic and I can not thank you enough for coming out to support our fundraiser yesterday, many of you treking it down after the surprisingly brutal Carlsbad tri (more to come on that subject in a moment!)!!!!! I feel so blessed that you all came and had a fun time and won lots of cool prizes, some of you more than others (TREY!). A VERY VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO MY AWESOME ROOMMATES WHO PICKED UP ALL THE BURRITOS AND SET MOST OF THE FOOD UP FOR YOU GUYS bc, of course, i was running late due to my triathlon excursion. I love you Tonice and Jared! All in all, it was a great turnout and I have to say, my Wildflower team represented hardcore! I LOVE YOU GUYS! (John, I forgive your absence but you won't get off so easy next time!). The Pacific Grove team showed some serious numbers as well, and it really meant alot that you took the time (and money) to come out. YOU ARE THE BEST! :)

okay now on to my advice for all you first timers and a little reminder for you veterans. Sam was soooooo right on his NNORD advice and i, although I swear I abided by this advice for Wildflower, decided to give it leeway for Carlsbad. BAD IDEA! So, close your eyes, well that won't work bc clsoing your eyes would mean you couldnt read this, but visualize with me...

I wake up to some major gastrointestinal distress (Alexis, I hope your doing better!). So i decided after much thought, to have something a bit more solid for breakfast so it had less chance of going through me as quickly. So, instead of my regular, tride and true race day eggs, oatmeal cheese and sausage (oh and half an apple), i decided to eat cherries and a pastrami sandwich ( i know Tara, i know!). Keep this in mind for bc i didnt pack the night before bc I was trying to do last minute fundraising stuff, i still had to pack putting me in a tizzy and running a little behind to the race...

As i watched Lamine's wave go off, I saw ginormous waves come crashing down on the swimmers and my stomach decided to remind me that it was not happy. Luckily, I remembered coach's advice and asked about the current, took it into consideration, and off i went into the waves of death, headed for the buoys. I got into a rythm and remembered all the things coach had reemed me about the week prior (apparently I don't really know how to swim!) and actually started to pass other competitiors. Good swim and I was ready to move on...

mounting my bike in literally a 10 ft space from the mount/dismount line to the begining of the hill, i could not for the life of me clip in. So, of course, I run into the curb and plop over to the side, covering myself in dirt, and emerging like a sandman in the Saharra. I must take credit, it was a graceful fall, very artful if i do say. so I finally clip in, wave to my laughing fans, and power up the hill. Here is where my breakfast came into play. About half way through, it decided to say everyone else. So. i'm picturing Sam yelling NNORD!!!! as i'm throwing up, not once, no that would be too simple, twice. yeah, i'm a rockstar...

finally, I started the run, feeling like crap, well, worse, but whose keeping track at this point, to see Cassie finishing her race (you are such a superstar!). The run was brutally hot, but I did pour lots of water on my head. i was exhausted and this was only a freakin' sprint!

1) NNORD (nothing new on race day, newbies!)
2) pack the night before
3) don't forget where you are and watch where youre going
4) if you do fall, do it gracefully :)
5) PLEASE PLEAS PLEASE get those endurance building runs in, it was a rude awakening how unfit i was on the run
6) and finally, have awesome teammates there to hug you at the end and tell you what a bad ass you are even when you sucked it up! (ok, you already have that in the bag!)

Hope you enjoyed my little recap, i know it was long, i get carried away :) Thanks for all the advice and coaching Coach. I can't imagine how I would have done without your guidance, I may have just had a meltdown! You guys, if i havent said it before, ROCK! whether a Pac Grover, a Wildchild, Lavaman or just a supporter, you are all truly amazing people and I thank you for sharing yourselves with me.

luv, katie

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