Monday, February 27, 2012

SOOOOO close!

so it was a pretty jam packed weekend - my first one i think since el hubbo left and i'm no worse for the wear :) this no drinking thing is really working out for me quite nicely, i'm not even craving it on long days at the moment (for a while there, i was sort of feeling like an addict, hahahaha), but i am well into my second dry month and if all goes well after the three month challenge is up, i just might keep it up through the whole deployment! but i won't get ahead of myself just yet, i know a trip to SD will surely break my drinking fast and that is definitely on the horizon, so we shall just play it by ear.

in other FANTASTIC news...we worked on muscle ups this weekend after our trail run (well, Magpie and i hit the trail, however she did not do so well on her mup technique so i asked her to please step outside so she would stop embarrassing me! her little paws just could not hold a false grip. sheesh, and i thought she was my daughter, she must take after her dad...bahahahahahahaha!). anyhow, so back to the progress...technique technique technique...its all in the kip, or is the wrists, or is the about its in ALL of it strung together line a fine tuned string quartet!!! Lordy, its a tough move to master, but with the coaches' help, i got closer than ever. i've got my kip down -hips parallel to the ground, now its the transition that i need to get next before finally performing the miracle dip that i just know i have hiding deep down inside, raring to come out! coach thinks i'll have it by the end of the week, which is a pretty tall order, guess that means i'll be working on muscle ups EVERY day this week ;)

12.1 = not too shabby. Saturday was my day and i decided before it was even over that there was no way on God's green earth that i would put myself through that torture a second time just to see if could get more reps - NO WAY! in the end, i came in second female in my gym. coachie poo had 112 reps on her second attempt. i got 95 and hot Kim got 94. now, for technicality purposes, there was one girl who was counted at 96 reps HOWEVER she did not get 96 reps and i know this because i watched her gloating little ass not hit her mark atleast 5 times. 5 TIMES! and those were only the reps i saw, i was a little preoccupied with cheering on some of my other gym mates to really care at the moment, but the next day when she came in bragging about her number over, and over and OVER AGAIN, i wanted to smack her and yell, "YOU SO DID NOT GET 96! YOU HAD AT LEAST 5 NO REPS!" but i kept my cool and just asked God to please take the disdain i was feeling for her out of my heart. in case you can't tell, i absolutely DESPISE when people cheat reps. i mean, come on, be an adult and hold yourself accountable. if your hands don't touch the mark, then you cannot count the rep...and i know this because it happened to me at least 5 times in my 7 minutes where i had to re-jump to make the rep count...grrrrrrrr. okay, now that that is over, we just aren't going to count her for this blogs sake ;)

today's WOD was good, however i was uber tired from the weekend, but i had a good showing nonetheless:

Dynamic Mix
400m Sprint. Rest 40 seconds.
200m Sprint
MOD: Squat Clean
65, 85, 95, 100...couldn't get underneath 105, but if i'm being honest, i knew before i attempted that i didn't have it in me today, i am pretty worn out from last week.
WOD: Complete 3 Rounds. 1 min Rest between Each Round. Every Good Rep Counts.
Rx'd weight, mup progression of band behind booty1 min Push Press (75/55) 22 ,20, 181 min Hang Clean (75/55) 14, 17, 171 min Muscle Up or Progression 5, 6, 6
1 min Russian Swing (53/35) 31, 35, 35
total scores: 72, 78, 76 = 226

Friday, February 24, 2012

200# deadlift PR

yeah, that's right, 3 reps, oh yeah, doin the happy dance ;) man oh man i wish i could call el hubbo right now (miss him so much, especially on days like today when i know he would be SO proud of me, he loves it when i lift heavy and hit new marks!)!!!!!!!!! 1RM before was 190#!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah, i'm gettin' stronger, oh yeah (i'm singing if you can't tell, hahahhahhahaha!). on top of all of that, my shoulder is feeling TONS better! thank you Jesus for binding up my wounds and answering my prayers, each day as i walk with you i feel your presence and all encompassing love. i am so glad i listened to your voice and have been spending more one on one time with you each evening :) now, i just pray that it stands up to the big test tomorrow - first Open WOD of the season...7 min max burpees...makes me want to pee myself already :(

500m Row
15 Ring Dips
15 T2B
15 Back Ext
15 Skin the Cat
15 DB Thruster
MOD: Deadlift
85#, 135#, 155#. 185#, 195#, 200#!!!!!!i added an additional round of 3 so i could hit 200# :)

WOD: 12m AMRAP -  Rx'd
9 Med Ball Cleans (20/16)
6 Slam Balls (20/16)
3 Med Ball push ups
100M sprint
9 rounds total, came in just as the clock hit 12min, TG! this was a deceptively rough WOD, i kept thinking before we started, "oh this won't be that bad..." WRONG WRONG WRONG. it. hurt. a lot.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

quick update

Shoulder Mobility
Leg Mashing
MOD: Rope Climb and Handstand Progressions
i did one rope climb but it put a little too much strain on my hurt arm for comfort so i just stuck with the one, but i def need to work on these when i am 100% again. worked on single arm handstands on the wall, can get left arm up no problems, still working on getting right arm up, can get it up now, just can't hold it and also worked on handstand walks, getting much better at my form and free standing form :)
WOD: 3 RFT Av'd
400m Run
15 OHS (95/65) 55#
15 Box Jumps
15 Pullups
250m Row
time - 18:52
1st female done, Kyle beat me, BUT i wasn't Rx'd, although the shoulder/arm sitch is feeling MUCH MUCH better, PRAISE JESUS!, hot Kim and Juliette both did Rx'd. on a high note, did find out that Juliette cannot do kipping pullups strung together so that one day like a week and a half ago when her total score was higher than mine?! it was bc she had to of been doing box pullups to have had that great of a margin over me so there you go, mystery solved ;) the shoulder actually felt a million times better this AM, more sore than hurt rather than the other way around for the past week and a half or more so that is FANTASTIC news, bc the Open start this week and i would really like to be able to do my best so next year, when i am concentrated on actually being competitive (oh yes, it is my year next year!!!), i wil have something to bump it up against :) very exciting. oh and on the emotional front, feeling much more settled.
i've been praying a lot on verse Phil 4:8 lately and that God help me to concentrate on it throughout my day and its been working. i've been feeling less frustrated and irritated with the little one, feeling a lot less anxiety towards el hubbo in my thought life AND feeling just more centered in general. i vowed that from here until i see fit, or God tells me otherwise, that there will be no more trash t.v. - had to delete Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill from my DVR recording schedule (i think those are my only two really trashy ones, i don't count Vampire Diaries as trashy...i wonder why, hopefully its just because i like it so much! i will say though that i feel physically dirty after watching GG or OTH and i do not after VD, so i will keep my inner compase set on high this week to see if that changes). so i'm allowing myself one t.v. show while i eat, if there is something on i want to watch, last night i watched Heart of Dixie recorded, the night before Joel Osteen's Sunday sermon recorded, and then Magsdale and i head off to bed to continue reading Revelations...its a very strange book of the Bible. not sure how i feel about it yet, but i will read it until its done and then i think i will move on to my favorite book of the bible Phillipians :) XOXO

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

WOD 2/21/2012

Hip Mobility/Shoulder Mobility
Dynamic Warmup
Back Squat
65#, 95#, 115#, 125# - didn't get to last set due to time
WOD: 21-18-15-12-9-6-3
Power Snatch (115/75) 55#
Wallballs (20/16) 8#
Donkey Kicks
Scaled weight - movements actually didn't tweak me at all, which i was surprised at, kept it light and worked on form. iced the shoulder last night and directly after WOD, constant application of tiger balm and took a Celebrex with breakfast, praying it helps so i can be competitive in the Open (starts tomorrow). 

Monday, February 20, 2012

WOD 2/20/12

PVC Warmup
10 Hollow Rocks
10 Candlesticks
10 Mat Rolls
10 Roll Ups
10 Good Mornings

MOD: Clean and Jerk
Skill Work
Clean High Pull
WOD: 15 by 2
Clean and Jerk to 2RM
10 K2E and 100m Sprint Row between Each Set
finished 10 rounds, 2,2,5,5,5,2,2,5,5,5 @65#
Nicole said to go lighter on the weight and increase reps bc of my shoulder/arm pain, my plan was to do another 2 by 2 and finish off with sets of 5 reps, but 20 min time limit ran out. arm was sore the entire time but i will say that it got less sore as time went on, i think the warmer i got the more it loosened up...which just enforces the thought that this is more due to inflammation and poor stretching than anything else. will ice tonight and see if the Celebrex Drew wants me to take helps at all (@breakfast).

so on top of the low hormone T3, we've found out i am at 78% iodine where i should be at 90% or above, so as of two weeks ago (give or take), we started supplementing with iodine tablets. i learned that, at first, taking them on an empty stomach was a bad idea, i felt like shit afterward, but now it doesn't really bother me. took another piss test on received on Friday - we've got detectable levels of toxic metals in your blood tests, there should be none. please do your take home urine analysis ASAP so we can get a better picture of what is going on...the shit i had to take in order to do the piss test made me extremely tired and run down (i.e. i slept the majority of the day after church and getting meals ready for the week). i. feel. like. shit. still today, i woke up feeling like a truck hit me over the course of the night. i laid back down to sleep after my alarm went off, with full intentions of not going to the box, but i just didn't want to miss ANOTHER day of WODing, so i went and told coachie poo about the shoulder/arm pain and she advised how to move forward and taking time off was not on her list of recommendations - thank God! my last coach would have MADE me sit out until there was no pain. i like her approach MUCH better and will just have to be really careful and pray a lot that i am able to discern what my body is telling me with each workout.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

week off and trails

so with the onset of another shoulder injury looming on the horizon, i am taking the week off - well from Wednesday to Sunday - no WODing what so ever. runs are fair game however and Magpie is LOVING the extra QT with momma :) here's a pic right before our first trail run of the season:

we made it up ALL 3 of the major climbs this time, and it was our first time out of the gate to boot! now have you, we were running in the dead of summer on this trail before, and that first climb got us EVERY single time (well once we conquered it, but then the later two climbs were out of the question so we didn't do that again!), so that was a pretty rad feeling. i think it was bc the whole time i was thinking it was the second climb that was the doozey, so i sort of tricked us into doing that first one ;) hahaha, ohwell, hopefully that trend will carry on throughout the summer months and we can start doing two 2 mile laps of the trail...! here's the little one after, happy as can be (although those crazy green eyes are a lil' scary!):

that's all, XOXO

dear best friend,

im doing alright. been feeling really blue lately but that seems to always come and go, no reason in particular, you know me, i just go through it. i had a REALLY bad reaction to the meal plan/dairy (greek yogurt + 3 protein shakes a day). my body completely freaked out, it was like the old days, OCD like a mother fucker, couldnt concentrate to save my life, cravings to throw up, my face broke out worse than it has in a REALLY long time, totally drained of energy and STARVING all of the time. it. was. bad. so i stopped and i'm still trying to get it out of my system an entire week later! right now all im doing is organic, grass fed meats and fats and tons and tons of veggies. i havent really been limiting my calories, well when it comes to the veggies, i have set portions for my during the day meals, but at night if i'm still feeling hungry or unsatisfied, i PILE on the veggies and eat as much as i want...seems to be having a good effect on my morning bathroom jaunts ;) hahahaha. AND on top of all that, my shoulder is doing its thing again, the left one, not the one i tore, but i have trouble with both of them feeling that way, so i've been taking it really easy this week and actually took the past two days off from Crossfit and have just run with Maggie - she needs the extra QT anyway so it works out best i guess. i've also been super frustrated with el hubbo lately, not really anything he's done, i guess its just all the repressed feelings from this past year and expectations i think he should be meeting, when in reality its all just stuff i need to work through and deal with. honestly, its probably the best timing possible that he is gone now, it gives me time to decompress and work through how i really feel about all that happened without him here. i can be mad by myself, sad, hurt or whatever and he doesnt have to relive it all again. IDK. i'm such a complicated little person ;) hahaha, anyway i love and i hope you and J had a great vday. i'm not drinking or eating out right now so you will be happy to know you're GC is going to a new pair of lululemon workout pants :) best present EVER!

miss you, talk soon XOXO

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


first things first, WOD:

Shoulder Mobility
Hip Mobility
Dynamic WarmUp
50 Box Jumps for Time
1:10 (this isn't 100% accurate, Kyle didnt have the clock going so i wasn't able to get exact time)
WOD: 3 Mins AMRAP @ Each Station for Total Reps
NO Rest between Stations: 10 Seconds to get to Next Station
Row(for calories) 36
Air Squat 105
Push Ups 42
Pull Ups 32
Situps 85
total as Rx'd: 300not a great job, but decent, just been feeling so dreary and unenergized lately...and my shoulder has really been bothering but actually didn't have any acute stabbing pains at all during the workout, just seems to be a chronic ache throughout the day and certain positions. Juliet beat me, her score was 344 but i don't know if she did Rx'd...i'll have to find out - its seriously bothering me.

now onto vday:

well i've been thinking what to write for like three days now, but nothing seemed good enough because he already knows how much i love him, he already knows how proud i am of him, that i'd do anything for him, that i try to do my best every day to make him proud to be my husband, and that i try to do my best everyday to be a better person than i was yesterday for him, for me, for our futurechildren and for God - i don't always succeed, we both now for a fact that i am far from perfect, but the effort is truly there. ive been thinking about this past year a lot lately and how absolutely surreal it has all been...i sometimes still cannot believe we made it out together, married and (thankfully) loving each other more than we really ever had. i get emotional thinking about it all, so much so, that i cant really put into words how i feel. ive never liked valentines day, to me, its always been a reminder of failures of some sort but this year i guess its a reminder of perserverence, strength, blind faith and true love...of never giving up and coming out ahead in the end. ive never in my life fought so hard for someone and loved someone as unconditionally. i've also never known anyone that was more worth that fight than he is and what we have. i know none of this would be possible without God, i know without a doubt we are meant for each other and i know God is blessing our future and laying out a path of joy, success and health for our family. all i can really say is thank you God for seeing who i really am, keeping your promise to me - to never leave me nor forsake me, that what therefore [You] have joined man [shall] put asunder, and showing my husband that our marriage was worth it in the end. You are my valenitine Lord and i love you.

Friday, February 10, 2012

no time to write...

500m Row
15 Rings Dips
15 Pass Thrus
15 Donkey Kicks
15 GrassHoppers
MOD: Push Press
3-3-3-1-1-1 (55#, 65#, 70#, 85#, 90#)
my shoulder is uber sore and my irritation striations are back in the left one so i decided to not push it on this today...
WOD: rx"d
4 Min AMRAP10 Right Arm KB Thruster (35/25)
10 Left Arm KB Thruster (35/25)
3 full rounds +6
3 Min AMRAPShoulder Press (95/65)
22 reps
4 Min AMRAP15 Med Ball Clean (20/16)
5 Pullups
4 full rounds

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


that's how i'm feeling. this meal plan makes me feel like shit...i may start the Whole30 challenge and then try to take this up again...the best i have EVER felt was when i was keto but that stopped when i started up CrossFitting again due to the high energy demands, but i think what i should have done was just adjust my veggie intake. we'll see, but i may be starting tomorrow. i'm so sick of feeling tired and sick and it has GOT to be something i'm eating...namely dairy and sugar. any way, here is how today went...not good.

Dynamic Warmup
Bergener Warmup
Shoulder Mobility
Hip Mobility
Snatch Balance Progression
Snatch Balance
got up to 70#
3 Power Snatch (105/75)
3 Lateral Bar Jumps
3 Pullups
3 Box Jumps (24/20)
12 rounds + 2, started with 65#, got 2 rounds and had to drop to 55#, just couldn't get the snatch movement, had to keep pressing it up at the top, so i dropped weight and it sucked :(

Monday, February 6, 2012

what a shitty birthday...

i just don't feel like writing much, i feel like complaining so i'm going to hold off for a couple of days to make sure that is still how i am feeling or if this is in passing... :(

400m Run
20 Pass Thrus
50m Bear Crawl
10 Strict Pullups
10 Burpees
500m Row
MOD: L Sit
Parallette/Rings/Rig/Free/Pass Thru
WOD: 15 Rounds
5 Push Jerk (95/65)
5 Push Ups
Air Squat
On the Min, Every Min you will perform 5 Push Jerk, 5 Push Ups, and as many Air Squats as possible. Total reps on air squat is what counts. WOD is a total of 15 = 205
i'm a year older, im fatter and i have no energy, today has been a fucking sucky ass day. Lord give me strength...

Friday, February 3, 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

is she trying to kill us?!?!?!

i think coachie poo had it out for us last night when she came up with this. i mean who names their WOD "Nasty Girl Sleepover" i ask you?!?!?!?

4 by 400m Run
30 second rest between each 400m
finished in 9:06, i wrote this down wrong on my little board...Nicole clocked me at 9:09. eh, i'll claim either one ;)
Review Movements
WOD: Nasty Girl Sleepover (16#/55#)
3 Rounds of Cindy
1/2 of Karen (20/16)
Fran (95/65)
2 Rounds of Nancy (95/65)
5:30 this. was. AWFUL! seriously, this is the first WOD i actually felt nauseous during, it was the run on the second round of Nancy where i thought for about 2 minutes that i might hurl on the street. i just took the run SLOW and that settled my stomach but DAMN this was seriously no fun. i was done after the 1/2 Karen which is i knew would happen, thank God i didn't try to do Rx'd on Fran and Nancy..separately i feel pretty confident i could have done Rx, but all that together, NO WAY ON EARTH was it going to happen. of course Hot Kim did Rx'd - she amazes me...
*****     *****    *****   *****  *****
1 Round of Cindy is 5 Pullups, 1o Pushups, 15 Squats
Karen is 150 Wallballs...we are doing 1/2 Karen 75 Wallballs
(10' mark, but i didn't consistently get it up there, i was hitting the 8' mark regularly...i think wall balls should be adjusted based on your height as a person...just saying!)
Fran is 21-15-9 Thruster/Pullups
Nancy is 400m Run, 15 OHS

that's all i started month end close at work so i have no time to blog, but meal plan is going better - found out that if i plan meal timing for 2 and 3, i do better in the afternoon. the whole tithe thing still has me feeling uncertain and as i talked to the pastor's wife about it, she said i should definitely pray about it more and find a good answer for myself. so i am going to read two books on it, one pro-tithe, one con-tithe...well not really con as much as it is a refute of the protestant view of tithe and how tithing is of the Old Testament...its all very confusing to me so pray and read i shall until it becomes clear what the answer is for our family. anyway, talk soon. XOXO

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