Monday, February 27, 2012

SOOOOO close!

so it was a pretty jam packed weekend - my first one i think since el hubbo left and i'm no worse for the wear :) this no drinking thing is really working out for me quite nicely, i'm not even craving it on long days at the moment (for a while there, i was sort of feeling like an addict, hahahaha), but i am well into my second dry month and if all goes well after the three month challenge is up, i just might keep it up through the whole deployment! but i won't get ahead of myself just yet, i know a trip to SD will surely break my drinking fast and that is definitely on the horizon, so we shall just play it by ear.

in other FANTASTIC news...we worked on muscle ups this weekend after our trail run (well, Magpie and i hit the trail, however she did not do so well on her mup technique so i asked her to please step outside so she would stop embarrassing me! her little paws just could not hold a false grip. sheesh, and i thought she was my daughter, she must take after her dad...bahahahahahahaha!). anyhow, so back to the progress...technique technique technique...its all in the kip, or is the wrists, or is the about its in ALL of it strung together line a fine tuned string quartet!!! Lordy, its a tough move to master, but with the coaches' help, i got closer than ever. i've got my kip down -hips parallel to the ground, now its the transition that i need to get next before finally performing the miracle dip that i just know i have hiding deep down inside, raring to come out! coach thinks i'll have it by the end of the week, which is a pretty tall order, guess that means i'll be working on muscle ups EVERY day this week ;)

12.1 = not too shabby. Saturday was my day and i decided before it was even over that there was no way on God's green earth that i would put myself through that torture a second time just to see if could get more reps - NO WAY! in the end, i came in second female in my gym. coachie poo had 112 reps on her second attempt. i got 95 and hot Kim got 94. now, for technicality purposes, there was one girl who was counted at 96 reps HOWEVER she did not get 96 reps and i know this because i watched her gloating little ass not hit her mark atleast 5 times. 5 TIMES! and those were only the reps i saw, i was a little preoccupied with cheering on some of my other gym mates to really care at the moment, but the next day when she came in bragging about her number over, and over and OVER AGAIN, i wanted to smack her and yell, "YOU SO DID NOT GET 96! YOU HAD AT LEAST 5 NO REPS!" but i kept my cool and just asked God to please take the disdain i was feeling for her out of my heart. in case you can't tell, i absolutely DESPISE when people cheat reps. i mean, come on, be an adult and hold yourself accountable. if your hands don't touch the mark, then you cannot count the rep...and i know this because it happened to me at least 5 times in my 7 minutes where i had to re-jump to make the rep count...grrrrrrrr. okay, now that that is over, we just aren't going to count her for this blogs sake ;)

today's WOD was good, however i was uber tired from the weekend, but i had a good showing nonetheless:

Dynamic Mix
400m Sprint. Rest 40 seconds.
200m Sprint
MOD: Squat Clean
65, 85, 95, 100...couldn't get underneath 105, but if i'm being honest, i knew before i attempted that i didn't have it in me today, i am pretty worn out from last week.
WOD: Complete 3 Rounds. 1 min Rest between Each Round. Every Good Rep Counts.
Rx'd weight, mup progression of band behind booty1 min Push Press (75/55) 22 ,20, 181 min Hang Clean (75/55) 14, 17, 171 min Muscle Up or Progression 5, 6, 6
1 min Russian Swing (53/35) 31, 35, 35
total scores: 72, 78, 76 = 226

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