Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Brian, Brian, Brian

i have three Brian's in my life...Coach Brian, best friend Brian and creepy roommate Brian. here is my tribute to them - in all the glory of the first two and the utter ickiness of the latter :)

Sunday promised to be a day of pain. CB had emailed earlier in the week to ask if i would like him to come down from LA to coach me through my final long run of the season before my very first half ironman race. i laughed and said "like that's even a question!" of course i want him to come down and administer a serious ass whoopin - we all know i am an avid glutton for punishment and take pride in subjecting myself to physical discomfort. so we determined a meeting time and place where the torture would commence and conclude - all in a two hour time period. i invited a slew of people to partake in the misery that was sure to come but only best friend Brian, who we will refer to from here on out as BG, and Ryan took the bait and agreed to the morning's 13 miler. the plan was to meet at the cove at 11 AM and CB would ride behind us on his trusty steed, cracking the whip and calling out interval times and pace goals. OMG did it hurt. i was still feeling the effects of the previous day's malaise, coupled with the knowledge that this day was about to get a whole lot more interesting with the interval training CB had on the agenda. we started out with an easy enough warm up pace of 10 min miles, CB right beside me - keeping me steady so i didn't jack rabbit or short myself the speed needed to awaken my running legs. then it slowly started to descend from there and not in a good way - one mile at 930 min pace, recovery, one mile at 9 min pace, recovery, one mile at 830 pace - which by the way hurt like a mother effer AFTER it was done. i really didn't think it was all that difficult until CB hollered "RECOVERY" and i immediately and gratefully brought it back down to 10 min mile pace and that's when i noticed the complete exhaustion take over - "are we done yet?!" hell no i was told. this is a pyramid - a pyramid of death if you will. it was time to take it back up - one mile at 9 min pace, recovery, one mile at 930 min pace, recovery, last couple of miles at 8 min pace to end with a 640 min pace to the finish line. OUCH! holly hell - OUCH! but OUCH! in a kick ass, i just did 13 miles of intervals in the heat of the day. i dropped BG in the dust ;) (he was nice enough to run my last round of intervals with me and i still dropped him without a second thought. i'm a training bitch - i know it and its not likely to change. he knows this and is still my best friend. amazing) and i could have still kept going if i really had to. all of this led to a huge inner confidence spike that made me feel like the race ahead was totally do-able. totally in my realm of accomplishments. totally ready to kick ass and take names. totally. it was so fantastic to have CB there - pushing me, pacing me, encouraging me and telling me how good i was. if that's not a great coach, i don't know what is. let's not forget here kids that when i first started training with this random dude i had met off my blog in a very unforeseen fashion, i was clocking 10 mph average on the bike. today?! today i am at a lightning fast speed of 20.6 mph average on the bike and that's a time trial verdict in the wind tunnel of Hades out on the Strand of Coronado where the wind is sometimes so strong that it has been known to pick up unsuspecting pedestrians and fling them into the fiery pits of burning hot lava below where the land sharks my point? Brian Melekian is a bad ass son of a gun who just so happens to be the best coach around and DOES NOT charge and arm and a leg for his services - and in this sport we call tri, that's a big deal seeing as how you most definitely need all four appendages at any given moment during a race for optimum performance ;)

BG, or best friend Brian, has been hands down my rock since the demise of my two year relationship and the trauma that ultimately ensued due to it all. and by trauma i mean the crying and the screaming and the questioning and the remembering and the hating and the hurting and most of all - the pure and utter heartbreak it has caused. i'm sorry and sort of ashamed to admit that it's effects are still lingering and quite frankly i don't know when they will go away. but BG, oh how BG has been there through it all - from hugging me while i cry uncontrollably, to listening to me bitch and complain about seeing the ex and his new girlfriend (i guess she's not new anymore - nor was she ever really new since this little thing had been in development for the better part of a year unbeknownst to the two of them - i was privy and i gave warning, but alas - here i am and there they are), to letting me stay the night on the couch whenever i want without question, to letting me do laundry every weekend so i don't have to go to the dirty laundry mat by myself. he has seen me at my damn near worst - the really shitty, selfish, self centered, bratty, judgemental bitchy side of me. he knows some of my darkest secrets and the sometimes obscene thoughts that run through my mind at the most inopportune moments. he lets me be sad about my brother, frustrated about things going on at work and down right grumpy when i haven't had enough sleep and am stressed to the hilt. and you know what?! he still loves me and tells me i'm a good person. he has been my rock - my go to when the swells gets really tough and even my go to when the waters are a lot less choppy. i honestly can't say how much his friendship means to me and the fact that through it all, even at my worst, he can honestly tell me he loves me and mean it.

now onto creepy roommate Brian or creeper as i fondly refer to him in social settings. he's dirty, he's smelly, he's unsophisticated in the worst ways. he walks around in his boxer briefs with his fat belly protruding over the waistband and jiggling as if it were dancing to the disgusting song of his horrid voice. he has done many creepy things, the worst of which occurred when my mom was in town for my marathon in June. i don't want to get into it now - those of you who know me on a daily basis have heard the story, more than once i'm sure - suffice it to say the incident in question would instantly give you the heeby jeebies. all of this and he has the nerve to write me a drunk manic depressive note, giving me orders and rules to follow while "i'm living under his roof" and in that same sham of a letter he went on to say i am the best roommate he's ever had. ha. haha. hahahhaha hahahhahaha. right. that went over real well. let's just say i put him in his place and it was not in a "politically correct" manner of terms. i received an apology and all was back to normal - the dirty stinky habits of a lifeless drunk who smokes and parties on DWI charges and then spends the day playing video games to occupy his boredom with life in general. winner. i have put up with all of this shit going on 5 or so months now only to find out he is letting his deadbeat parents move into the apartment with him and i, in return must move out. are you mother effing kidding me?! when does this shit end. i am 27 damn years old. i have a degree for Christ's sake albeit its a writing degree, but a degree nonetheless from a nationally ranked University of esteem! SO HEAR THIS - I WILL BE INDEPENDENTLY RICH COME THIS TIME NEXT YEAR. I WILL BE LIVING ON MY OWN QUITE SUCCESSFULLY HAVE YOU, LIVING AND TRAINING THE WAY I DEEM WORTHY AND I WILL LOVE EVERY SINGLE, SOLITARY MOMENT OF IT, and creeper and his antics will be a distant past...oh and while we're at - so will pj and every single memory i have of him.

I WILL RISE ABOVE, I WILL ACCOMPLISH MY GOALS AND I WILL LIVE MY DREAM - all in due time. get ready kids this train is a comin' and its slowing down for no one...except for me that is ;)

Monday, September 22, 2008

can you say cluster fux?!

woke up Saturday AM at 5, immediately heading to the kitchen to prepare my pre-workout breakfast of a sweet potato mixed with Barney Butter. on this particular morning i decided to add in a little raw honey as it adds in a natural anti-inflammatory factor - nothing new on race day so best to try it now right? i didn't like it as much with the honey, it was too sweet but i got it down in the midst of getting things together for the long day ahead. Dana and Ryan opted to do their own ride, leaving from the train station at 740 and heading up to Capistrano to ride back down the coast, adding in an off shoot to get in all the miles CB had prescribed. i wanted to get started riding no later than 730 and the whole train plus off shoot stuff seemed to be too complicated that early in the AM so i decided to do the ride on my own up and down the 101. here's where it gets interesting and the cluster fux ensued...

i wasn't on anyone's schedule but my own meaning i could start at any time i wanted. the sooner the better i decided because i really wanted to make it over to Don's 100mile fundraiser on the Strand afterwards (which so didn't happen - you're about to find out why). so the plan was to ride up the coast 30 miles, turn around and come back (all at race pace), jump off the bike, do a fast 4mile transition run at race pace, refuel and head to Coronado. i ended up not waiting till 730 and got on my way at 7 which only gave me an hour and a half of breakfast digestion time. did i forget that i know myself and my stomach much better than that?! i know that i can't eat less than 3 hours before a hard workout and yet i somehow thought an hour and a half would do?! really?! so off i was and at mile 6 i had to pull off on the side of the road to barf. there i am at 715ish on the side of the 101, trying to strategically hide behind a tree of some sort in order to shield the oncoming traffic and other riders from my two minute barfing spree. fortunately the tree was rather large and i was able to conceal my stomach's transgressions from the traffic but it just so happened that this particular tree had a sign laying just behind it made from metal, covered in leaves. so, although i am grateful to have had the tree for cover, i am horrified to come to the realization as i am bending over to hurl, that the spew will soon come directly back at me in splashes of orange colored debris as it ricochets off the God forsaken sign. this thought comes so quickly and fervently to mind that i momentarily try to rethink my plan but its too late - the barf is already leaving my throat and seconds away from hitting the sign. yep. beautiful. i now had to finish my ride (mind you i'm only at mile 6 of 60) with sweet potato juice splatters up and down my leg and on my shoes. wonderful.

when i finally hit Oceanside, i was amused (that's a total lie - more like frustrated to no end) to find out that the 101 actually runs out at the gates of Pendelton. i had no idea. i also had no idea that there's no way around Pendelton without getting on the 5 (yeah right, on my bike?! please) and what do you know, i didn't bring my ID because well, i never bring my ID. i know, i know - i don't need a lecture here, i'm now fully aware of how stupid that is. so i rode the bay of Oceanside, got my very frustrated self situated and started on the road back to Fletcher Cove. by the way, i was only at 20 miles - i'd have to make up the difference somehow.

by mile 28 i was finally able to choke down some nutrition and actually have it stay soundly in my belly. i had tried a couple times at mile 15 and again at mile 22 to no avail. and let it be said that i hit every single damned stop light from here to Oceanside and back. i maybe got to roll through a total of three green lights. horrible. by the time i hit 35 miles and was back near the car, i was irritated and ready to get off the damn bike. i was irked for being so ill prepared (non-knowledge of the route and lack of ID) and aggravated for going against what i knew my body could and could not do (digestion time or lack there of). at that point i could have turned right back around and gone the easy way back up the coast the exact way i had just come to finish up the mileage, but i wanted to punish myself for the morning's retardedness. Torry Pines? now that's punishment. so off i went with the destroy mentality this particular hill commands after stopping at my car to refill my water bottles. i tackled the climb in near record time and headed down into La Jolla to cover some more ground. when i finally got back to the car's vicinity, i was miffed to see that i was only at 42 some odd miles! oy!!! so up the coast again to where i thought i was going to break even back at the car only to find out i still had 2 more miles to cover until i hit 60!!!! are you freakin kidding me?!?! why in the world am i so damned spatially challenged?! why can i not do math!? the guys at B&L proably thought i was stalking them the way i kept riding back and forth in front of the store. so down the coast i went once again and finally - yes finally - i hit the magic number and was able to get off that damned contraption sitting beneath my very sore and tired crotchal region - only to be reminded that i am signed up for a mother effing Ironman at the end of next year, which is another 50 miles tacked on to that. i still had 4 miles to go of a transition run and i was so not happy. i called and left CB a death threat for talking me into IMCozumel (which he so nicely reminded me that he actually did no such thing, i had fallen into that one face first all on my own account).

i ran and felt like death. hot sticky roadkill death and then i saw a familiar face running towards me - going 100+ miles an hour. what do you know - Beth! she realized it was me and ever so nicely and quickly came back around to see how i was. she had just done a coast ride too except instead of a measly four mile transition run, she was running to Torry Pines and back! are you kidding me?! all of that and she was trucking along at a minimum 730 min per mile pace, i swear. it was amazing to witness. really - she's an animal and is going to tear apart the competition next year. i can't wait to see it. after that very humbling reality check of where i am on the whole triathlete spectrum, i punished myself even more by finishing the run going up a semi large hill to round off the workout.

i was fried literally - i had forgotten to apply sunscreen and physically - i didn't have much left in me. i checked my bike computer for shits and grins to see how pathetically i averaged out with all of the stops, loops and nutrition fiascoes - i was counting on a big fat ugly 14 to stare up at me - but i miraculously pulled off a 17. when all was said and done - bad, but not horrible. not my best but thinking back to my first time trial, by far not my worst. in the end i did not make it to the Strand to do more riding with Don. in the end i found myself sitting at a restaurant with the best gosh darn grilled mahi mahi mango salad i had ever put in my mouth. thank God food makes everything better in my book. hopefully i got out all the kinks and bad jujee that morning and am heading into the race scott-free.

here's hoping :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


hit by a moose. and not the cute and friendly Bullwinkle type of moose either. no. no it was a big, hairy, snarling mean moose - going 90 miles an hour on a dark and lonely one way road. i was meandering - the kind of meandering you do after a killer 40 mile ride followed by a mile swim and a 9.5 mile run the following day - minding my own business, keeping to myself and WHAM! out of nowhere. blind sighted by a moose. and boy howdy am i feeling the effects today. my legs feel like lead logs. my arms feel like dead tree limbs. my chest feels tight. i've felt barfy all day long and my body just doesn't want to do anything that even remotely requires energy expenditure - much less swim, bike or run. where in the hell did that damn moose come from and how in the hell did he get into the streets of San Diego?! its a conspiracy i tell you. the mooses of the world have decided to unite and try to knock katie b off her rocker - which you may already think has happened - mentally, but this is an attack on my physical. how dare they. don't they understand that i just want to do really well at this upcoming race. like better than really well, i want to do great and greatness comes from relentless training, determination, fortitude, sacrifice and guts...

or maybe it was a land shark. i've always believed they were real. maybe its really the land sharks of the world uniting to take me out. so maybe it happened that i was meandering down a dark and lonely one way road when WHAM! out of nowhere. blind sighted by a land shark. those pesky nightmarish animals are sneaky sons of bitches - distracting you with a gnarly workout, getting your legs and arms and lungs good and tired so they can take your feet right out from under you - leaving you crying and crawling in the dust, just trying to make your way back to the sanctity of your bed so you can rest and recover from the shock of it all. i mean land sharks - it is a rather unsettling and mostly unforeseen phenomenon when they hit. they could leave you mangled or even decapitated for all i know. its a wonder i got out alive at all in this particular assault, seeing as how i can barely hold my head up and exhaustion is beginning to feel like my go to instead of the energy i had been feeling the past couple of months.

and then, after all of this - the extreme trauma of it all - someone actually had the nerve to suggest that it was not at all a moose or a land shark - that i might just be over training. over training?! what does that even mean?! over training. hmpf. right. i don't even think that's a real thing, especially when your training for a half or full ironman. i mean long hours, tired legs, sleepless nights, early morning rising, personal sacrifice and celibacy - that's what training is all about for these long distance races. right? RIGHT?! of course it is (well maybe not the celibacy part, i just threw that in seeing as how i am celibate right now and i'm not exactly sure how i feel about that fact - but that's neither here nor there and quite frankly i don't even know why i brought it up...Lord have mercy) and i thank you for being so agreeable about the whole thing. its nice to know i have people who are on my side when it comes to this sort of thing.

so that damned moose or land shark or whatever it was that so fiercely and viciously besieged my poor ass this past Monday leaving me gimp, debilitated, depleted and spent has got to be found, wrangled, tied up and shot. he's a mean one - leaving you with the feeling that you've just been run over by a MAC truck that not only rammed you from the front, but watched you fly down the street with forceful impact, saw you in his rear view mirror, adjusted his seat belt for maneuverability, popped the gears into reverse and ran over you one more time just to make sure you were down for the count. or maybe, just maybe it was the moose or the land shark actually driving the MAC - like i said, sneaky sons of bitches. watch out kids - he's out there and on the lurk. so be weary of those murderous workouts your putting yourself through - you never know if that monster is waiting just around the next corner to WHAM! take. you. out.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

toughness - is it in you?!

it's in me
it runs through every single solitary capillary, vein and artery in my body
it resides in my spirit
it occupies my mind
it flows from my fingers and toes
i think it
i speak it
i feel it
no one can take that from me, no matter how hard they try
and try they have
to no avail
i will sustain
i will fight
i will conquer
toughness - is it in you?!

this weekend was a mixture of pain, sentiment and fortitude. i saw kindness, concern, frustration and disdain. i saw the strength in some. i saw the weakness in others. i made the days mine and let no one tell me otherwise. realizations hit home and new facts came to light. there have been times that i have been alone in this life. there have been times that i have been surrounded by others and felt more alone then ever. and there have been times that i have been close to good people who don't judge, who don't make excuses who don't pretend. right now i want to be the best person i can be. i have my work cut out for me. the road to greatness on any front - whether it be athleticism, professional gain or personal growth - will always lead to struggle and strife. if it was easy to be great, then everyone would have a hand in it. its the constant struggle within yourself to think better, do better, be better. toughness. its something that comes from deep within. you have to find it somewhere - and that somewhere is not around the next corner, its not on the other side of the fence, its not even at the church down the street - its found in you. deep down in the farthest recesses for some, bubbling up to the surface ready to ignite for others. who has what where and what makes it so? who knows. i only know that if you can't find that toughness, keep on looking. its there, it just might be hiding out in order to make you want it that much more.

so i wrangled Chris, Joanna and Dana into a kick ass ride this weekend. the plan was to do the Great Western Loop in all of it glory. 40 miles of 4,846 ft in elevation gain. about half of that is climbing - meaning the other half is full of screaming down hills. fun, fun and more fun. it was to be my first time and i couldn't be more excited to get this thing under my belt. i hear comments all the time concerning this ride ranging from "it's my favorite ride ever!" to "oh lord, that was the hardest thing i've ever done!" i'm not gonna lie - i was scared. scared like when you know something awful is about to happen - your hands are sweaty, your legs are tense, your mind it sharp and your subtly doubting the essence of your very self in the face of something you are unsure you have the strength to transcend - yet you walk right into because you know there is absolutely no way around it. Dana had been sick all week, so i wasn't sure if the ride was the best idea for her. i invited her anyhow and let her make her own decision as to do it or not - she's a big girl, she knows what she can and can't handle. she opted in and the morning came without further adieu.

Chris was so nice to tag along and lead us through the route, as this was also Joanna's and Dana's first time. we all know how i am with directions so just having him there made me feel 100% better about the climbing and navigating ahead - plus he seems to be a really great guy so i was looking forward to getting to hang out with him and hopefully make a new friend. who am i kidding?! i was really hoping to snag him as an added training partner because he's fast and riding with those who are faster and better makes you faster and better and that's right where i want to be. challenged. so we headed out just a little after the 8 o'clock start time we had agreed upon to accomplish one of two things - eat up the course or let the course eat us up. i, for one, was not about to let the latter of the two happen.

we rode for about 7 or so miles before we came upon our first ascent. luckily i was able to keep up with Chris who warned "this is the steepest it gets, there's more of 'em - but nothing worse." okay, let's do it. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD ALMIGHTY JESUS CHRIST IN HEAVEN WHO PUT ME ON THIS EARTH AND CAN TAKE ME RIGHT BACK OUT - pain. pain and burning and utter fear took hold of my legs, my lungs and my heart. there was an actual moment when i thought this is it, this is how i am going to die. dramatic - yes i know, but i quite literally had it pass through my mind. the only other time i have ever struggled like that is when i've climbed Hernandez Hideaway. a moment always comes in each of these climbs where you find exactly what you are made of. the difference between toughness and weakness. surmounting or succumbing - and you know what? i pulled it off. i did not fall. i did not roll back. i trashed my legs, jacked up my lactic acid, screamed and cussed and inhaled so hard and deep and fast that i thought my lungs might explode, but i did it. i miraculously pulled the damn climb off and immediately realized how ugly and trashy and ungraceful i was at that exact moment and apologized to Chris. i felt it necessary to preface the upcoming climbs with an apology and a warning that he was going to see a very ugly side of me that not too many people get to see. lucky for him, that was the worst climb and the worst of my ugliness he had to witness that day as the ride just got more enjoyable as the miles passed.

we manhandled switchbacks. we navigated technical turns. we climbed great mountains and we flew down great descents. i talked the entire way. i gabbed about nothing at all and everything i could. Chris listened and he responded. he let me go on and on about my ideas for my team next year. he gave feedback and some direction. he listened as i talked about my brother and the inner turmoil of the past few years without judgement and without criticism. he listened and he responded. i kept us both occupied enough to keep our minds off the actual task at hand - to own this ride and make it ours - which in the end we did and did it well. Joanna had a fantastic ride as well and was so excited to have come along. we were all really stoked at the end of it for having had accomplished the task in such a way that we could all walk away and say "hell yeah! that sucked! that was awesome! that hurt so bad! i can't wait to do it again!" we high fived after it was all said and done and congratulated one another, revelling in the glory of our accomplishment.

Dana didn't join in on our dance - she had drawn on her inner self for the ride and was spent. i'm not sure how to help her realize the magnitude of her outward look and the sanctity of her inner acceptance, but i won't stop trying until she absolutely tells me to. i knew she was feeling things we weren't aware of and couldn't quite relate to, so i encouraged as best i could and let her tackle the challenges of the day how she deemed necessary.

Chris and i were slated to go the the TCSD BBQ at Don's so after making plans and getting directions, i asked Dana if she'd like to come along and was met with a simple "sure" and shrug of the shoulders which i took as an "okay, why not?" we headed to her place to shower and make our stinky butts presentable for the gathering ahead and had a grand time of it in the process. the party was full of good people, good food and good fun. i got suckered into the Fiesta 100, which has now (THANK GOD) been switched to the Strand 100 - a much more enticing ride to say the least, and an hour run to follow next Saturday. that, after i finish my own ride of 70 or so miles up the coast - hard and fast for the three week out preparation. the party was relaxing and light hearted and an all around fantastic time - exactly what i needed to wind down a great day of riding, learning and conquering.

toughness - yeah i you?

Friday, September 12, 2008

experimentation and TTs

Ask a Question - i've been doing this Primal Blueprint way of eating for about a week now and its going famously. not to get into too much grossness but i was having a lot of gastric un-niceties for the past couple of months. my stomach was flat as a board every morning when i woke up but by mid morning, i'd be bloated and gassy and just uncomfortable. this would last throughout the rest of the day and depending on if i had my gluten free sandwich or not - get worse or stay about the same. it would get so uncomfortable at times that my workouts would be hindered. not good. so i got to thinking - what have i changed/added from my daily routine that could be causing this impasse?

Do Background Research - that's when i stumbled upon Mark's website and then the answer sort of just exploded in my head - 100% CERTIFIED GLUTEN FREE ORGANIC OATMEAL! OATS!!!!! GLUTTEN FREE BREAD! MORE GRAINS!!!!!! the damn grainy culprits were wreaking havoc on my intestines and enjoying every minute of it. so what to do now? i mean i need the carbs for my training right? right?!

Construct a Hypothesis - NO! as i progressed through the site and read and read till my heart's content on the evils of CHO's and the transgressions they cause in the human existence, i learned what i already knew - i don't need the blasted buggers to get sustained energy or have good workouts. i just needed to train my body to utilize the other operating system instead of the glycogen cycle! the actual transfer of primary energy cycles is a long and sometimes arduous process - especially for athletes, but seeing as how i have always had a very low carb diet anyhow, i didn't think this would be too big of an issue. or hoping it wouldn't is more like it. so experimentation time began right away.

Test Your Hypothesis Part One - the initial experiment: go three days without any form of CHO except fruits and veggies, throwing in goat/sheep yogurt and cheese whenever possible. and what the hell do you know?! no bloating mid morning. no gassy-ness throughout the day. and certainly no hindrances to the evenings workouts! well howdee doodee, thanks and gig 'em. all of this AND IT'S TIME TRIAL WEEK YET AGAIN. CB wasn't so sure this switch in my daily diet routine needed to happen now, seeing as how we're less than 3 weeks out from the biggest event of my life thus far.

Test Your Hypothesis Part Two - i decided to continue the experiment throughout the TTs 1) because i hate them so passionately i might as well throw in some sort of element to keep me occupied, 2) because once i have an idea in my head, i must see it through until proven clearly, unequivocally incorrect and 3) because what could it really hurt to see what this new lifestyle could do for me if executed correctly. so here's what transpired (with previous results to compare)...

run TT (9/9)
mile1: 8:01
mile2: 8:04
mile3: 7:51
total time = 23:56
i should preface this with i absolutely did not want to do TTs this week. i even tried to weasel my way out of them with a very heartfelt plea that was immediately shot down with a "no" i didn't even get a "katie, you know this is important and it has to be done" nope just "no" plain and in the hell do you argue with that?! oy!
results - 10 secs slower (-)

previous run TT (8/12)
mile1: 7:49
mile2: 8:04
mile3: 7:53
total time = 23:46

swim TT (9/10)
1 - 1:58
2 - 1:59
3 - 1:58
4 - 1:59
5 - 2:00
6 - 1:58
7 - 1:55
8 - 1:56
9 - 1:56
10 - 1:53
this actually felt really good. it took me awhile to warm up but after that i felt like i could keep this pace up for at least another 3 or 4 hundred...
results - tons more consistent and tons faster (+)

previous swim TT (8/13)
1 - 1:50
2 - 1:53
3 - 2:00
4 - 2:01
5 - 2:10
6 - 2:12
7 - 2:06
8 - 2:10
9 - 2:05
10 - 2:08

bike TT (9/11)
12.01 miles
20.1 avg mph
damn i can't remember the total time (34 something or other - i think), i'll check tonight. this includes one complete stop bc of a stupid car and the best part is no puking off the bike this time (YIPPEEEEE!)! my stomach stayed fairly "settled" although it came close, but i think it had more to do with the effort level than what was in my tummy
results - faster, stronger (+)

previous bike TT (8/14)
12.05 miles
19.6 avg mph
36:24 total time

Analyze your data and draw conclusions - it looks like i'm still on the up and up with this new way of eating:

1) my tummy feels better
2) gastric distress is better by the day
3) run results - 10 secs slower (-) i have a feeling this was a mental breakdown and had nothing to do with my actual diet. i plain and simple didn't want to do it. i was out on a track alone so i had no accountability and it was windy, swim results - tons more consistent and faster (+), bike results - faster, stronger (+)
4) i've been getting headaches, but nothing unbearable and i don't know if this is because of the diet change or dehydration - probably the latter
5) my energy is semi-low but not desperately so, and i find that as long as i keep snacking and hydrating, i'm normally fine. this opposed to my energy lacking because my body is trying so hard to digest and do something with the grainy toxins i've just fed it - looks like an even trade off

Report your results - what the hell do you think this post is?! i'd say my hypothesis was right on target, wouldn't you agree?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

have you ever...

...seen anything more perfect in your entire life?!

my neice...wait till you see her in her Barney Butter shirt ;)

double double toil and trouble

yep you got, this weekend was the very much anticipated double/double brick. CB has devised these little torture rounds to specifically target race day pace but also keep you and your legs guessing as to what's next. i love it! the previous double/double was a huge success. i gave everyone a run for their money with the time i decided to "add" in without telling them, but we all came out smiling in the end. this past weekend was 10X the intensity and almost double the fun - well at least for me it was. i'm actually not quite sure how Dana liked it...she was smiling afterward, so i took it as a positive.

because the TNT team had final prep that AM, Dana and i were the only takers for the brutality ahead. i only padded the time on the bike to make it 80/80 instead of 75/75 as listed on the schedule. the run was an easy 30/30 and i stuck to it. the goal was to go as close to race pace as possible save for the mandatory stops for lights, cars and small children. we met at 7:30. Dana had a flat before we even started, so we got that taken care of, finally saddled up and began what was to be a rip roaring good time. i took a (one scoop) bottle of HEED out on the bike + one plain water bottle for the first loop. we caught a green and i was immediately excited for the ride. i dropped the hammer straight away. it took me a while to get really warmed up - i'd say about 15-20 minutes into the ride - but when i did, boy howdy. i was already booking at such a good speed that when the fire in my legs really started a burnin' my speed just got better. it was incredible. i was passing and calling "left" like a woman possessed. i reached the turn around point (40min) and headed back. i took the next 5 or so minutes pretty easy as i slowly squeezed the new orange-vanilla GU Roctane down my throat - which for the record is not nearly as good as the vanilla bean, but definitely edible. at some point i saw Dana and screamed "time to turn it" because she didn't have a computer or a watch to keep track of her time. i kept hauling knowing that CB would want a full "race report" when i was done. i finished in exactly the same amount of time it took me to get out there. first leg of bike loop one = 40:43min, second leg of bike loop one = 40:43min (total time 80:26min). wow - on a roll and not stopping - i loaded up my bike, shoved on my other worldly Zoots, grabbed my cold water bottle, and headed out to complete the first leg of the run. nothing spectacular on that front except that i managed to again pace myself perfectly out and back - first leg of run loop one = 15:16min, second leg of run loop one = 15:14min (total time = 30:30min).

time for the second loop and i was feeling great. one more GU (vanilla bean, mmmm) and i was off to do it all over again. this time, unlike the last double/double, i was not at all dreading any part of what was to come. i was excited to see what i could or couldn't do. this round was all about keeping pace and/or exceeding said pace of the first round with the exact same distance covered. i reloaded with a fresh (one scoop) bottle of HEED and the remaining water left from the water bottle of the previous loop and began the thrill of limitless wonder. i pushed this loop even harder than the previous and ended up with the first leg of bike loop two = 36min. i took another GU Roctane and laid it down again. i felt great but knew that i would need to find the very fine line between pushing and saving something for the run. i was experimenting here - i wanted to find that breaking point, to see just how fast i could go without totally bonking on the run. so i just kept pushing it to see what would or would not happen. second leg of bike loop two = 38min (total time 74min). so stoked! so so so so so stoked! and off i was on the run again. here i just wanted to keep pace with what i had done on the first run loop. and guess what?! i did, but better!!!! first leg of run loop two = 15:06min, second leg of run loop two = 13:35min (total time = 28:41min).


after Dana finished, we meandered around Solano Beach, ate, shot the shit and had just an all around good time hanging out. she seemed in much better spirits after this work out than she has in a long time so that made me feel good. and now that we have finally figured out what is wrong with Nemo, she'll be faster than ever and ready for redemption. now we just have to figure out how to keep her damn tires inflated ;)

total calories cosumed = 500kcals for 215 min of that good enough coach?!

Friday, September 5, 2008

TEAM BARNEY BUTTER in the hiz-ouse!

well it's official.
i have haphazardly formed my first team of the 2008 season. albeit its the end of the season, but have no worries - there will be a come back, or a regrouping of sorts come race season 2009. i have yet to get all my ducks aligned for what's to come (insert BIG, no HUGE ideas here) but for now, we are the first official TEAM BARNEY BUTTER - peanut free, no less - and i really couldn't be more pleased. i mean two of my all time favorite things are merging, Barney Butter and triathlon, right before my eyes. a ginormous thanks to Jennifer Barney for allowing us to represent her company and her product!!!


katie brunner AKA "hurricane"

my bike's name:
favorite quotes:
"If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to it." - Jonathan Winters
"I think the purpose of life is to be useful, to be responsible, to be honorable, to be compassionate. It is, after all, to matter: to count, to stand for something, to have made some difference that you lived at all." – Leo Rosten
something quirky:
when i get to work in the morning i have an entire system of opening up the day's programs. if one shuts down for some reason or another, i have to close them all down and start all over again. oh, and i have this thing for naming inanimate objects...
Longhorn Half Ironman '08
Rock N Roll Marathon '08
La Jolla Half Marathon '08
Wildflower Olympic Relay '07
Camp Pendelton Mud Run '07
Triathlon at Pac Grove '06
Carlsbad Sprint Tri '06
Wildflower Olympic '06
feelings on Barney Butter:
i think you all know how i feel about the stuff. it might be the best thing ever, besides white chocolate cheesecake that is - which gives me an idea...i digress. the stuff just makes me happy. i announce everyday at work - IT'S BARNEY BUTTER TIME at 10 on the dot - no meetings are scheduled then because of this fact and everyone knows it. afterward i announce - I LOVE BARNEY BUTTER, YUM YUM YUM...i know, i know what you're thinking "you're a grown woman, get a hold of yourself." i'm working on it :) it's just so damn good!

dana banister AKA "danban"

my bike's name (given by kb):
favorite quote:
"if you ran without sacrifice, congratulations you just jogged." - Pearl Izumi ad
something quirky:
ok what's not quirky?! umm i guess i would say my oddities on eating and numbers of things to eat at a time (4, 7, or 10) and which foods "go together" as opposed to what needs to be separated on a divider plate!! and yes, she's a grown woman too ;)
Longhorn Half Ironman '08
Vineman '08
Lavaman '06, '07, '08
AFC Half '06, '07, '08
La Jolla Half '06, '08
Carlsbad Half '06, '07, '08
Pac Grove '06
Random 5 and 10 k's that are too numerous to list out!
feelings on Barney Butter:
i absolutely love the creaminess of barney butter as opposed to other almond butters because it's the smoothest almond butter i've ever tasted. i also love the fact that the crunchy is like extra crunchy peanut butter, which can be hard to find!

brian gunn AKA "marlin" (from Finding Nemo)

my bike's name (given by kb):
favorite quote:
"Do one thing every day that scares you." - Elanor Roosevelt
something quirky:
he plans everything, i mean everything. he has a wall calender in his living room that he updates, he has an outlook that synchs with his blackberry and his gmail, and he schedules things like "pick beach towels up for katie at Costco." really bri?! ;)
Longhorn Half Ironman '08
Nation's Tri '08
Imperial Beach Sprint '08
Solona Beach Sprint '08
Lavaman '07, '08
AFC Half '07, '08
Wildflower Oly '07, '08
La Jolla Half '08
Carlsbad Half '08
Pac Grove '07
and more but i can't keep track...
feelings on Barney Butter:
he loves it, although he hasn't gotten around to actually purchasing a jar because he tries to steal kb's when she's not looking :-P

ryan mashburn AKA "kibbles"

my bike's name (given by kb):
"speed racer"
favorite quote:
"everyday is a new day" - Diana Ross
(BTW: kb is totally making all of this up)
something quirky:
he likes to pretend he is the dark and brooding type, however - kb has seen him cry...well almost. not really, but he was bitten by a dog and he laughed so hard his eyes got watery when he told her the story. oh and he's a glutton for punishment. he ALWAYS says yes to kb's insane workouts!
Longhorn Half Ironman '08
Pac Grove '07, '08
Imperial Beach Sprint '08
Lavaman '08
Wildflower Oly '08
i'm sure there's more but i really don't know...
feelings on Barney Butter:
he doesn't know because he's sick of hearing kb talk about it all the time, but now sort of has to go buy some since he's wearing the team jersey...peer pressure, it'll get you every time ;)

tim lewis AKA "hi, i don't know how to use the internet, don't respond to emails, don't even know i'm on this amazing team and i originally wanted our name to be 'TEAM LONG AND HORNY IN SAN DIEGO'"

paul anderson AKA "OTS - official team sherpa"

favorite quotes:
"That's what she said" "It's a great life if you don't weaken" "Suck it up, princess" (wow, he's all smiles isn't he?!)

something quirky:
I watch more cartoons then a man my age should admit to watching.

Tour de Tucson (x2)
Wildflower Oly
Vineman 70.3 (x2)
SOMA 70.3
Tour de Palm Springs
Tahoe Century
Wildflower Long Course
AFC 1/2 marathon
Arizona Ironman

feelings on Barney Butter:
something about barney it made from purple dinosaurs?!

skipping, swimming and other conundrums

skipping - no, not that kind of skipping. skipping as in i totally and completely blew off my evening training plans last night. yes, this is the first time i have done this. i knew going into the afternoon that it was too late in the week to actually make it up at a later date. i knew this and i still let it happen! i was supposed to take Muffassa out for a 90 minute spin but i could not for the life of me get my body to join in on the deal. it just wasn't having it. in my defense, i was exhausted. i was having a hard time keeping my head up all day long. not necessarily because i was tired - which i was - but more so that my muscles just weren't cooperating with what my mind was wanting them to do. i struggled with energy all day. i was in a piss poor mood up until about noonish, when i finally started to feel a bit better after eating my homemade sandwich (gluten free toast, fresh avocado slices, brie goat cheese, spices, lettuce, red onion and WF honey roasted turkey). this pep was probably due to my conversation with Jennifer Barney and not the fact that i had gotten a second wind. by the time i left the office, all i could do to stay awake was to promise myself a very yummy dinner. so what did i do? i ate and then went to bed. how old am i these days i ask you?! something is definitely off on the nutrition front, but i haven't a clue what it is or how to fix it. i'm now delving into the fine tuning realm that is over my head. too bad nutritionists cost an arm and a leg. i guess more trial and error are ahead. and maybe i'll do an easy ride on Sunday just to try to fit in the mileage, maybe...

swimming - because of my evening slackassness, i knew for certain i would be getting in a bit longer swim this AM. a bit longer as in 2 miles. a bit longer as in i was supposed to swim 2400M and i ended up pounding out 3200M. the best part about it was that i felt fantastic. i was strong, smooth, graceful - almost dolphin like. okay, that's a total lie, but you get the point. i did it in pretty good time considering 1200 of that consisted of drills that tend to take a pretty good chunk of time. i left the pool feeling completely worn out but in good spirits because i had swam at least 200M more in the same amount of time that i had done my previous weeks 2900M and 3000M workouts. i was also feeling okay about skipping the previous night's session in favor of some extra rest because it seemed to have paid off in the pool. too bad my mile excursion in the ocean tonight didn't go so swimmingly if ya catch my drift.

conundrum 1 - so its casual Friday. i love casual Friday because, well, you get to be casual. in my office that means jeans and heels - still, its not dress pants and heels and that makes me happy...usually. usually i go to my closet, grab a pair of jeans, toss them on and go. as i am attempting to toss them on my body this morning, i notice they are quite snug in the leg and ass regions. and what do you know?! my pants no longer fit me. and do you know why? because i have re-centered myself in the triathlon world, leaving the marathon world and now my muscles have expanded in such a way that my once very comfy and almost baggy jeans DO NOT FIT ME ANYMORE. this could lead to a complex if i'm not careful so i'll just say this - it does not make me happy to have to go out and buy new jeans to fit my now very large and very in charge ass and legs into - especially when i need to purchase new tri shorts, new running shoes AND some sort of bike shipping package to get my dadgum speed racer to the starting line! not in the slightest i tell ya. and another thing, whoever said that muscle is never a bad thing straight up LIED. they must not have had to purchase a new wardrobe to fit that muscle. damn skinny asses don't know what they're talking about...

conundrum 2 - how is it that a brief encounter with someone you don't particularly ever want to have an encounter with happens, and it forever throws off the entire rest of your day?! a five second exchange and wam, bam, thank you mam you're left feeling used, dirty, dejected - i mean how can someone have that affect on another? like a 2 cent whore left on the side of the road after a night of shameful debauchery that led to a house catching on fire and underwear burning?! okay, who knows where that came from...but anyway, back to the point of this particular paradox - how is this possible i ask you?! lesson learned here kids - don't leave yourself open for surprise attacks and definitely don't take up the act of whoring yourself out, you don't want to get burned.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

i'm sorry

i'm so sorry it happened. i know we're still in the "courting" phase of our relationship and i had no right to skip out on you like i did tonight. i know this is the first time but its not an excuse. i can't believe i was so caught up in my own thoughts and feelings, needs and wants that i just totally overlooked what you were thinking and feeling, needing and wanting. i've just been feeling so tired and worn out this week. you've worn me out quite frankly. still, i should have just been honest with you, told you i wasn't going to show, let you down easy instead of just going home to eat dinner. and yet, here i am writing it all down because i feel bad...well, i don't feel all that bad. i mean we do spend every single day together. we see each other at least once or twice and sometimes more a day. i spend countless hours riding your sturdy frame, but no - that's me being selfish again - it was foolish of me to not call or show. down right insensitive and now i am feeling remorse. after a delicious dinner and some research on the web, i sort of found my second wind and am ready to play. too bad its dark now and nearing my bed time. i promise to never stand you up again. i know this is not how relationships are supposed to work. you always do your part, perform as i ask, be where i need you to be and this is the thanks you get? it won't happen again. i will not let my self centered thoughts of tiredness, hunger or weakness get in the way of what we have. its special and i do not want to take it for granted. i've come to realize in this short amount of time that we've known each other, that i love you with all my heart and i don't know where i would be without you. you are my safe place, you help keep me grounded yet you know when to let me fly. you do so much for me and i can't tell you how much i care. so, again and again until you believe me and forgive me for the indifference i showed you tonight - i am truly sorry. you mean everything to me and i will not let you down again. please tell me you'll forgive me...i love you baby.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

weekend schmeekend

it's becoming quite apparent that as a triathlete you have no weekends. well, in traditional work week terms that is. it's also becoming quite apparent that as a triathlete you have no real days off - as in - there are no days of do what you want, when you want, where you want. a recap of a typical week (last week actually) for shits and grins:

Monday - MY SINGLE DAY OFF FROM WORKING OUT and i get to spend 4.5 hours in an accounting class to make myself worth more money at work, after i've left an 8-9 hour work day

Tuesday - 25 mile bike ride at 17.8 MPH around Pt. Loma and surrounding areas to "take in the sights" after leaving the office of another 8-9 hour work day. oh yes and let's not forget the 5:30AM circuit:
medicine ball sets X2
- 25 overhead situps
- 25 twists
- 1 min plank
circuit X3
- chaturanga X10
- rt leg squats X10
- lft leg squats X10
- overhead squat X15

Wednesday - 4 AM 83 minute swim consisting of:
1000M W-U (swim)
- 50M rt arm pull
- 50M lft arm pull
- 100M pull
- 100M kick
600M paddle set (alternate)
- 100M Luke Drill
- 100M strong pull
100M C-D
= 2900M :)
followed by an 8-9 hour work day

Thursday - 5:30AM circuit:
medicine ball sets X2
- 25 overhead situps
- 25 twists
- 1 min plank
circuit X3
- chaturanga X10
- rt leg squats X10
- lft leg squats X10
- overhead squat X15
followed by an 8-9 hour work day only to preceed a one and half hour track session and the love to hate relationship i have with the outer rings of disdain:
1mi W-U
4XMain Set 1200M - 80%
- (5K race pace)
100M - slow jog between each 1200
30 sec rest
1mi C-D

Friday - special "summer Friday" from work = day off, and what do i do with that lovely day off?! i swim just shy of 4 miles. 83 min 5 AM pool swim:

1000M W-U (swim)

- 50M rt arm pull
- 50M lft arm pull
- 100M pull
- 100M kick
600M paddle set (alternate)
- 50M Luke Drill
- 50M sprint
200M C-D
= 3000M
what's that? did you say swim some more?! okay. cove swim without a wetsuit? sure:
1 mile ocean swim @ 4 (28min)
1 mile ocean swim @ 6 (32min)

Saturday - meet up with the TCSD group and Kevin's group to do a 53 mile ride that turned into a 57 mile - very climb friendly if you like climbs, or unfriendly if you don't - ride that took 206 min. (basically the Elfin Forrest Loop that i did with Kevin's group about a month ago, but backwards with some added mileage. i rode with a pretty fast and very fun group so the ride was really great. i thoroughly enjoyed myself and the company)

Sunday - meet Ryan M and Sandra at the Cove by 9:
1 mile swim (32 min)
50 min run in Zone 1 > 153 BPM (where i actually stayed quite easily this time)
followed by cooking duties at BG's BBQ where katie burgers were on the menu (ground beef, roasted chipotle raspberry sauce, spices, green onions, jalapenos and cheddar cheese all mixed in and thrown on the grill). a load of laundry and a horrible, one of the worst, brain cell killing movies later - off to bed to start it all over again.

so, i say "weekend schmeekend." there's no such thing if you're training for anything longer than an Olympic distance race. this is just a taste of what's to come too. i sort of can't even begin to wrap my brain around what is about to knock at my door in just 4 or 5 short months - or sooner if CB has any say in it, which he does. hell, let's not kid ourselves - he has all the say. so it looks like weekendless weeks are on my horizon for a while to come. ah well - i can swim, bike and run my way to the vacation waiting for me on the other side of November 29, 2009 where all of these weekendless shenanigans will be well worth it. until then, you can find me in either the pool/ocean, riding the white lines/climbing the Alps, or pounding the pavement/trails of Southern California - living, loving and taking it all all of its wonderful, magnificent, blessed glory.

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