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if you've been following this blog for any real amount of time, you know how i feel about time trials. plain and simple - i hate them. they push your limits. they make you scream. they make you puke. they make you wonder what the hell you are trying to make your body do. all in all - they make you HURT. and not in a "oh wow, that was such a great workout, it hurt so bad it felt good" no, no. its more like "oh wow, that was such a brutal expenditure of dynamic forward movement that hurt so bad i now have to lay down and try to recoup some sort of energy just to make it back to my car without passing out."

TT1 - the run
actually this one wasn't so bad. i met Bri at the track in Clairemont so i could get in my 3 miles before his TNT team started their track workout. Bri and Coach monitored each lap and as i ran by, Coach shouted encouraging words like "form looks great" "staying on the mark" "good pacing kate" while Bri and Iris screamed "GO KATIE GO!!" i ended up jack rabbiting the first loop in 1:40 but settled back down to 2 minutes laps until i hit the last mile.

first run TT:
mile 1: 8:36
mile 2: 8:38
mile 3: 8:36

second run TT:
mile 1: 7:49
mile 2: 8:04
mile 3: 7:53

not extraordinary but not too shabby either. the best part about it was my knee never acted up, which was very encouraging. i am looking forward to the upcoming track workouts so i can get some speed back under me and in these little legs of mine. although, i can't really say they're little anymore - they seem to be growing as of late. my "skinny" jeans don't fit in the quad section anymore. i can't say that i am stoked about losing my one and only expensive jeans to the likes of triathlon but i've lost a lot more to this sport so i guess i'm on the up and up for now...

TT2: the swim
oh the unhighly unanticipated, loathsome hilarity of a "sprint" in the water. i mean who the hell came up with this unusual form of torturous punishment? what have i done to deserve this?! one - i had planned on doing this at 5AM Wednesday but due to the unfortunate kidnapping of my poor goggles (or more truthfully and sadly, the fact that i left them at the cove) i had to avert the TT to that evening. bad - no, horrible idea. two - the lanes at the CP are overtaken on Monday and apparently Wednesday evenings by the Master's swim class, leaving two measly open lanes at the end of the pool for the pond scum who try to come and crash their perfect form and seamless wakes. alas, the animation of my TT went like this: rotate the hips - g l i d e...&push, rotate the hips - g l i d e...&push, WHACK! hit the guy in front of me &push, rotate the hips - g l i d e...&push, rotate the hips - g l i d e...&push, WHACK! get slapped in the leg by the guy behind me &push. that went on for pretty much the entire time giving way to pretty poor results but in the end i came out on top.

first swim TT:
Lap1: 1:52
Lap2: 1:57
Lap3: 2:59
Lap4: 2:20
Lap5: 2:21
Lap6: 2:58
Lap7: 2:16
Lap8: 2:18
Lap9: 2:50
Lap10: 2:15

second swim TT:
Lap1: 1:50
Lap2: 1:53
Lap3: 2:00
Lap4: 2:01
Lap5: 2:10
Lap6: 2:12
Lap7: 2:06
Lap8: 2:10
Lap9: 2:05
Lap10: 2:08

although i do like swimming much more than i used to, i still hate sprint swimming - mainly because i am the opposite of fast and that is discouraging. i did however just purchase some God awful paddle contraptions on the advice of Luke to build up my arm strength which in turn, is supposed to make me faster. we'll have to see about that...

TT3: the bike
well here's a good story. my last one was a sham of a time trial, a debacle of sorts - as i happened to attempt this crazy task in the midst of the first weekend, on the second day of the Over the Line tourney on Fiesta Island. ummmm, not so much what you would call ideal TTing conditions. but i went with it, and put up some pretty pathetic numbers. it didn't hurt me and afterwards i even went and rode/swept the TNT Saturday AM workout to Del Dios. that was NOT the case yesterday. i decided to change my TT location to the Coronado Strand, mainly because i despise the barren landscaping, the continuous dirt hills and the rows of smelly port o' potties that line the loops of that horrendous hallowed training ground. i did a short .2 mile warm up on the bike and shot off when i felt the need for speed, or something like that. GOOD GOD - the wind was awful. Winnie the Pooh would have loved to be in this blustering tunnel of pain. at least his red balloon could have carried him away to saner ground. i, on the other hand, had to push myself through until the very end. i kept looking at my speed and seeing 18 something or other which was less than comforting because just 4 days prior i rode this exact route and got up to 26.4 mph on one stretch. oh Lord this sucked. luckily, on the way out i was unknowingly fighting the head/cross winds (opposite of the previous jaunt) and was able to reap some of the tail/cross winds on the way back...

first bike TT:
12 miles - 41:35
i believe that's like an avg. of 10 mph :(

second bike TT:
12.05 miles - 36:24
that is an avg. of 19.5 mph :) WOOHOO

as soon as i hit the 12 mile mark, i stopped, got off my bike and proceeded to puke as cars drove by - some honked while others hollered. APPARENTLY i need to find a better pre-workout meal than tuna fish salad and Kettle Potato Chips - i mean its hard to get all my calories in each day so i thought this was a decent way to get in the added protein, fat and carbs to fuel my workouts. i do eat this every afternoon you know, approximately 2.5 to 3 hours before go time and CLEARLY it has ceased to work for me. i know this every time because every time i feel like i may be sick, but the push isn't hard enough to actually make that sickness occur...until yesterday. a change must be made and i have no idea what to do about it except trial and error, and that kids may lead to more upset stomachs and (please God save me) barfing on the side of the road. ugh - at least i am recognizing this now instead of closer to race day.

so its done. my week of hell is over...until next month when CB forces me to jump through these dreaded hoops yet again. oy! now - on to a weekend of EPIC proportions...

happy training kids :)

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