Wednesday, August 20, 2008

sunday WAS NOT funday

it went a little something like this:

5:30 AM - Dana calls to tell me she's on the way to the race

5:35 AM - up to make breakfast, it's gonna be a LONG day

6 AM - stop at Starbucks (thank GOD)

6:35 AM - trek over to finish line to watch 5k-ers come in and wait for my half-ers

8:21 AM - first runner of my clan crosses the finish line

9:50ish AM - last runner of my clan crosses the finish line

10 AM - wonder over to the Triple Crown line to find my clan

10:20 AM - still looking

10:22 AM - plant myself on the grass and whip out BB, banana & GF toast - snack time :)

10:35 AM - finally find Bri

10:40 AM - finally find Dana


11:20 AM - Bri comes to our rescue

11:40 AM - FINALLY make it to the car

11:59 AM - stuck in Pt. Loma traffic hell

noon - Dana FINALLY gets to eat something

12:40 PM - head to the Cove

1 PM - find sweet parking, only hindrance is the down hill we must descend (poor Dana)

1:30 PM - Ryan and i still waiting on Sandra

1:50 PM - question = 2 with wetsuit or 1 without...?

1:50 PM - answer = 1, hands down

2 PM - in the water swimming with the fishies :)

2:35 PM - out of the water and making our way back to the towels

2:40 PM - Sandra/Ryan = laying down, katie b = changing for the 90 min run from hell

2:55 PM - katie b leaves for run

interjection by this time i am STARVING!!!! i had eaten 3 shot blocks before entering the water because i was already really hungry but we all know how well swimming works for me on a stomach with anything solid in it and if you don't, ask Dana - she got to see the very disgusting effects of said pukapalooza on our last swim/run brick at the Cove. so with one shot block left to fuel an entire 90 min run, i was not a happy girl.

4:25 PM - back with extremely tired legs, sore knees and a screaming belly.

4:29 PM - can you say cranky?!

4:30 PM - getting crankier by the second, MUST GET & EAT FOOD

4:40 PM - Dana has a breakdown in the car because i brought up a touchy subject

4:45 PM - Dana and i not talking because we are now both cranky

4:50 PM - pull into Whole Foods, the mother land of all that is good and right in the world

5:15 PM - FINALLY eating, and a lot of it on my part.

5:29 PM - can you say fat kid?!

5:30 PM - Dana is in a much better mood and forgives me for talking about touchy subject

6 PM - gallivanting around Target but not getting much

6:45 PM - drop Dana off at her car

7 PM - home, home at last

7:34 PM - bed

7:40ish PM - sleeping, so looking forward to the next day of nothingness!!!!

training week from hell over and done with. i have never been more excited about a Monday in my life!


gunnbr said...

Nope--no more Sunday Funday. When does this training end again? ;)

danban said...

i promise to become less and less cranky :0) thanks for puttin up with me katie b!


rocketpants said...

quite the day it seems! Can you take gels at all? That might help with food intake, although that doesn't stop the hungry feeling.

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