Friday, August 28, 2009

oh snap!

i just came up with a new crossfit workout to completely demobilize your legs:

10 air squats
stairs/bleachers (find a pretty hefty set of these bad boys)
20 russian twists
30 sec plank
X 20 rounds

we'll just call it kdizzle :)

oh the things i do to occupy my time while nursing a shoulder injury...monday is a session with "the healer" - i'm hoping she can work some magic on my shoulder, right hamstring and left calf!

womp womp womp

well, Mr. Wagner was nice enough yesterday when i told him of my shoulder situation and sort of let me do my own thing with a pretty hefty leg workout that i LOVED. today, however, Mr. Wagner was not near as nice. he gave me a very stern talking to, basically called me a stubborn brat and then sent me upstairs to do the elliptical for 30 min and stretch. ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME?! he sent me to my room like a bad stepchild to sit in the corner and "think" about what i'd done. i was so damn irritated that i actually went upstairs and did it, the whole time cussing him out in my head, letting him know just how i felt about his stupid assessment of the situation and not letting me do another leg workout because "you will just keep jarring your shoulder about and it will never get better if you keep this up...i know you don't want to take time off but its getting worse and your being stubborn and seeing as how you are walking away from me right now with that look on your face just proves me right" blah blah blah sir SUCK :-P

this is what i wanted to do and i will do it...after my shoulder gets better (yes, butthead of the universe, you win...this round):

30 deep squats w/10lb med ball
30 jumping lunges
25 full sit ups
15 burpees
400 M sprint
X 4 rounds

now doesn't that sound lovely? i think i'll call it katie b :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

WOD 8/27/2009...well sort of

as in i didn't do the WOD today. at all. because my shoulder is so jacked up, i had to do the following and can i just tell you up front how much it sucked? and can i also tell you how much i freaking loved it?! :)

warm up - 2 laps + stretching + 3 rounds of 10 air squats, 10 sit ups, 10 back extensions

tabbata squats (score was your lowest # in the allotted split time, mine was 14 - OUCH!)
400 M jog (to loosen the legs, where in said legs didn't begin to properly move until i was just about done with the lap!)
25 box jumps
24 sit ups
X 4 rounds (just the jumps and sit ups, NOT the tabbatas and 400!)

and then i was done. spent. kaput. check ya later dude.

i think Jeremy (who has a story of his own in the "random acts of katrina file" but who stood in for Susannah today as the instructor and will again tomorrow) was a little annoyed i couldn't do anything with my shoulder, but what the hey - he made me do tabbatas for it, and then i made up the rest bc well, i was tired at the end of that, but not good and tired...and if you know katie b at all, you should know i never stop until it hurts. never.

;) now for Muay Thai tonight...nothin but fun kids. nothin. but. fun.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


warm up - 2 laps + stretching

30 wall balls (i have a hurt shoulder, so i had to do deep squats with a 10 lb med ball)
30 box jumps
20 burpees
X 3 rounds

needless to say i was dead tired! like so tired i just wanted to lay down like a dead fish out of water, but i was sucking so much wind that i had to stand up right in order for my lungs to expand - i love this shit! first one to finish too, but i also had a modification in the first exercise so its all relative. i'm going to do muay thai tonight and then take tomorrow off to recover some. my shoulder is SUPER hurty and and i really wish it would just get better! i know what i need to do, i just don't want to take a whole nother week off - ARG! i guess we'll see, it's looking like i really don't have a choice at this point... :(

Monday, August 24, 2009

WOD 8/24/2009

warm up - one lap + stretching

400M sprint
25 box pull ups
as many rounds as you can in 20 min

i got 7
and. it. hurt.
a lot.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Team WOD 8/20/2009

today was a pretty fun one, but also pretty challenging:

warm up - 2 laps + stretching

guys team = 2 guys
girls team = 3 girls
task 1 - carry 500lbs broken into 400 M sprint intervals - your whole team can work at once, but only 6 10's, 6 25's and 6 45's could be in play at one time for the girls team, and 4 10's, 4 25's and 4 45's at a time for the guys team. how ever many 400 M sprints it took to carry that much total weight was how many you had to do amongst your team.
task 2 - 75 tire flips broken up how ever you deemed worthy
20:48 (i think)

its a well known fact that i can't think when i'm putting out so my math was off, but apparently so was Susannah's. all i know for certain is i carried 50 lbs on my first two laps, and 35 on my last two laps. i tried to do 40, but we already had too many 10 lbs plates out on the course, so i had to drop to a 25 lb and 10 lb plate which was extremely awkward and difficult to manage. i think T carried 50 on her first lap, and 40 on her next 3 laps. i have no clue what Jenn carried but i think it was 45, 40, 35, 35 which does not add up to 500 lbs, only 495 lbs but oh well, my shoulder felt like it carried 100 lbs for seven laps! so that was that and then we moved on to the tire flips. each one of us took turns leading the tire, with the other two on the each side helping to guide. we did it in sets of 20's, save for the last set of 15 obvi and made pretty good time. i, of course, looked awful when it was all said and done - covered head to toe with black soot from God knows where, scratches all up and down my arms and legs, a scratch on my nose and a throbbing shoulder. when will i learn?! ;) but it was worth it! its weird because after i finish my Cross Fit workout and i already start looking forward to my evening Muay Thai class...i think i might be addicted to my gym :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

WOD 8/19/2009

*tear* my shoulder is hurt...again and that made today's prescribed workout pretty poopy:

warm up - 2 EASY laps + stretching

3-3-3 (heavy lifting/max)
overhead squats
front squats
back squats

this is what i really did:
3 X 20 overhead squats w/ the 25 lb bar
1 X 25 overhead squats w/ the 25 lb bar (i attempted to do the 35 lb bar on this one, but my shoulder wouldn't support it)
1 X 15 front squats w/ the 35 lb bar
1 X 15 front squats w/ 45 lbs
1 X 10 front squats w/ 55 lbs (this is where my shoulder started to really hurt with the added weight)
1 X 6 back squats w/ 55 lbs (we ran out of time)

i was not a happy girl this morning because i really don't feel like i accomplished much of anything. i really hate heavy lifting days and i wish Susannah would do them on the same day each week so i could just take that day off instead of getting out of bed before the ass crack of dawn to be disappointed when i find out what the work out of the day is going to be. oh well, it is what it is. last night's muy thai class was good, not nearly as hard as it has been the last couple of weeks, but a good workout nonetheless - i really need to make sure i get a good partner for these classes because that seems to make a huge difference in the amount of work put out. my shoulder held up okay throughout, but i definitely noticed it when we punched and did sprawls. so lots of ice and ibuprofen today with the evening off to pack for Texas. looking forward to tomorrow's group workout and then muy thai before i head out on Friday for a 7 AM flight! guess i know now to never let the boy book airfare ;)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

WOD 8/18/2009

well its official, my shoulder is hurt, so today's workout sucked boo-tay:

warm up - 2 laps plus stretching

Squat Clean
Ring Dips

the workout hurt, in more ways than one. first off, i tried to do the same weight as T, which was a BAD idea - she's just stronger than i am and that's that. so 65 lbs was way too much esp since i have a bum shoulder at the moment. so after my first set of 21, i dropped down to just the 45 lb bar and that seemed to hold up much better, so that is what i finished the workout with. i got frustrated with myself that i couldn't do the first weight, but then i got to thinking and my thinking led me to a good place - i'm just not there yet. i may never be and that's okay too. i have to remember i'm not training for anything right now so doing what i can is good enough for me, and the amount of weight you can push is all relative anyways so i'm good with it. what i am still annoyed with is that i attempted the weight that was too much and now my shoulder is throbbing, and i'm a little bit worse for the wear - its all learning though so i can't be too upset. now i know not to go overboard :)

and i'm pretty sure that my problem right now is i'm not eating enough...maybe? i don't know, i went to bed at 8 last night, i did have a good dinner (a big salad with protein and lots o cheese!) but i woke up tired and i'm freaking dead right now - like so tired if i put my head down i'd pass out. granted i didn't sleep all that well but it seems a little extreme to be this damn tired. i also feel like my body is taking a little longer to recover between yesterday and today. i'm going to definately stick with muy thai tonight but take Wednesday night off and see how i am feeling for Thursday's muy thai class so i dont over do it. i did forget my Inflammex shake last night so that could have something to do with it too. who knows, i feel like i'm almost too in touch with my body right now (which i know isn't possible) but it makes it hard to try and dumbly ignore all the signs like back before i started listening to what it was telling me :) since i'm taking tomorrow night off, i'm going to try and con good ol' Jeffrey into a run on Saturday AM to make up for it. i guess we'll see what he's willing to do, won't we ;)

the LSD last night was good. we did about 3 miles and thankfully (thank you God for this) my knees didn't start hurting. i was concentrated on listening to the way i was feeling throughout the run. we kept it at or below 153 bpm the whole time, chatting it up the whole way so we were sure to stay in the cardiovascular building zone. it actually felt really great besides the fact i forgot socks and had to borrow a pair of cotton ones that were not so forgiving on my poor little feet, but all in all, the run went well and i am very pleased with the sp.eds. yay for running!

Monday, August 17, 2009

WOD 8/17/2009

so this is what we found ourselves staring at today:

warm up - 2 laps + stretching w/ air squats, burpees and kb swings added in

10 kb swings (12 kilos)
10 burpees
400 M sprint (which ended up being a jog at best!)
as many times as you can in 20 min

well first of all, ouch! Susannah warned us to pace ourselves from the start and having the endurance background that i do, i knew she meant business so when we started and two of the 4 of us girls shot off in some kind of warped speed event race, i held my ground and knocked off each exercise at a steady rate. by round three i was starting my 400 M sprint while they were trying to pump out the last of their burpees :) luckily i know my body and what it can do pretty well, so i was able to keep my pace the entire time without having to stop and rest at all and that felt amazing. i even kept up with the guys (well i was right behind them) and ended up doing the same number of full rounds as the two top guys and 5 extra kb swings (Matt got in all 10 kb swings and i think Joe was pretty close behind him) before she called time. so three of us made 7 rounds in under 20 min, the rest of the peeps didn't quite finish their 7th 400 M sprint in the time allotted but all in all, the group did a great job. i was really impressed with everyone's effort and determination and i absolutely LOVED this workout. balls to the wall, all out, make you want to pass out at the end kind of love, and really, isn't that the best kind?! ;)

and on top of that i had another relaxing, movie watching, pool lounging weekend with the best friend and by Sunday night, i was itching to go to bed so i could wake up for Cross Fit this morning. its such a weird first day off during the week (always a Wednesday or Thursday) proves to be difficult - i'm starving and usually exhausted all day long, but sure enough come Friday morning, i'm ready to go again, albeit still a little tired. on my second day off during the week (always Sunday), i'm usually not nearly as hungry and i literally can't wait to go to bed because i'm so excited for Monday's session. another very interesting fact i noticed this week in my nutrition is this: i can't do starchy carbs. i have officially trained my body to function without them and i live better that way. i ate seemingly healthy carbs last weekend with T (she is a slight carbaholic, but now i've finally gotten her on the way to recovery thanks to my source for everything Primal) - sweet potatoes and quinoa, but my body revolted in the nastiest of ways. i had some serious stomach issues, my face broke out BADLY and i was zapped of energy all weekend long. so i experimented this weekend and had none - which is what i normally do, but i wanted to see if there was a drastic difference in the way i felt from one weekend to the next AND THERE WAS A HUGE DIFFERENCE! my skin cleared up as well as my stomach problems. i slept better and had tons more energy - so it just goes to show that i know my body and although i get dogged on A LOT for not eating grains and starchy carbs, its what works for me and i'm going to keep at it. now i've got T experimenting with it and she already sees and feels a big difference in her moods and energy levels. so that's exciting...i'm going to get her primal yet!

so the week is looking like this as of today:
Monday - cross fit AM, LSD PM
Tuesday - cross fit AM, muy thai PM
Wednesday - cross fit AM, possibly the elliptical PM
Thursday - cross fit AM, muy thai PM
Friday, Saturday, Sunday OFF because i'll be in Tejas visiting the boy (hence the reason for all of the two a days in a row).

T and i both got new shoes this weekend too and what do you know? my knees didn't hurt at all during the workout this AM. these new trail running shoes we've dubbed "the fire starters" are our genius new cross fit shoes giving us both the light weight action we need for the running portions of each session with an added wide foot base that we need to keep us grounded and stable. I LOVE THEM! i try out the new runners which have been named "the sp.ed's" - T thinks they look like special ed shoes because they have MONDO cushioning (to hopefully minimize the jolt to the knees) but i say hey, if they get the job done, i don't give a crap what they look like :) now Hank, my tried and true RoadRunner Sports guru thought these not the best ones for me, but again i'd like to reiterate that i KNOW my body so although they are a pretty flat shoe, they give me all the cushioning i could ever want and are surprisingly light with plenty of room to move and breathe! so i added in a pair of the blue Super Feet to help with some arch and heel support and i really think i've got the perfect pair of shoes for my healing little body, but i'll give you a better update after my run this evening and let ya know how they feel! happy running to you and yours, MUAH ;)

Friday, August 14, 2009

WOD 8/14/2009

i hated today's workout:

warm up - 4 laps + stretching

Shoulder Press 3-3-3
Push Press 3-3-3
Push Jerk 3-3-3
(3 sets of 3 reps of each exercise, max out weight)

and yes, as i always seem to inevitably do, i hurt my right shoulder and now i am in a lot of pain. if you need me, i'll be icing it and popping ibuprofen like candy in hopes i don't have to sit out at all this coming week :( i went for a run this evening to see how the knees would hold up since they seem to be doing so well during cross fit. we attempted 3 miles, easy out and back and had to stop and walk about a half mile short of the mark, well didn't have to, but my knees were on the verge of screaming and i just had to listen to them. the yelping was becoming quite insistent and because i know what the next step is down this unworthy path, i decided to cut it short and walk it in. the most frustrating thing i have endured to date, tonight and many, many times during marathon and IM training is when your brain and cardiovascular system are more than happy to go on and on and on, but your knees and ITBands are yelling at you to stop. this mind over matter equation does not work out in the end - trust me, i know. you end up effing yourself over, forcing a prolonged "recovery" period of 6 months (or more) and this girl is no longer participating in that little time juncture. so we'll see. i'm going to check out running shoes tomorrow after muy thai and see if that might do the trick because really, 3 miles is completely do-able and i am going to do it.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

WOD 8/13/2009

cross fit was super easy today, i know i shouldn't say that but it was. it was a partner day, meaning that you split each 50 rep exercise between the two of you and 4 of us showed up, me, Jackie, the other really fit Navy guy and Jenn. to even out the teams we did like a partner swap so each new exercise you had to have a new partner but you couldn't start the next round until your new partner was done with their last round of stuff. the rounds went like this:

warm up - one lap + minimal stretching

50 box jumps (i had to do step ups bc of my knees)
50 kettle bell swings
50 kettle bell push presses
50 jumping pull ups (on the box, SUPER easy, even Jackie did them this way bc thats what Susannah said to do)
50 overhead squats
50 burpees (i ended up doing 30 and Jenn doing 20 bc of her injury - props for her even being there to work through the pain!)

it could have been a gnarly workout had she made each of these 100 per team and we had had Tonice in the mix instead of Jenn (who is hurt right now so can't do a lot of the exercises at full watt), i can just imagine the awesomeness that would have been! i get excited just thinking about it (i am SUCH a cross fit nerd!)!!! oh well, it was good to be moving and workout out some lactic acid and LA iggies from yesterday. oh and my abs are SUPER sore from all of the stuff i did on Tuesday! i just have to say that Muy Thai that night ROCKED!!!!! it is the first time in all of this that i felt like i was finally getting my shit together. i was on every kick, every punch and even the conditioning before and after didn't break me like last time. i am coming back kids, watch. out.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

WOD 8/11/2009

warm up - one lap + stretching

400M sprint
25 sit ups
15 burpees
25 sit ups
X 4 rounds
16:40...maybe? all i know is i tied with Jackie who is the strongest female in our group so i was super stoked. i know i heard the 40 correctly but i cant remember the first number. i do know that Matt, who is a mother effing rockstar, finished in 15 something and we finished not too far behind him. so in a really strong group i finished second today which is completely awesome because i KNOW i'm getting stronger/fitter and it feels AWESOME!

so we use these things called "sit up boards" when we do these exercises - they are little black squares that have a cushiony top and an apex so that it supports the lower portion of your back during each set and at one point in the series, i think it was round 2, i was really in the zone - pumping out burpees like it was my job and as i began to switch gears back in to the sit ups, i was so concentrated on my next move that when i plopped down to start them off, i sat off to the side of the sit up board (like one ass cheek on, one ass cheek off) and kind of tumbled over. and did i mention we are doing this WOD outside, in a parking lot that has never been swept and i am off to the side in the dirtiest possible spot? so picture this - little katie b, completely covered (as in head to toe, not exaggerating) in black smut like Bert in Mary Poppins when they are doing the chimney dances on the roof tops, plopping down to what she thinks is a flat surface, with the most determined look on her face only to find herself toppling to the side and on to her face! Susannah just started laughing her ass off and said something like "i don't know what your doing over there, but its sure different than what's going on over here!" she had me laughing so hard i couldn't even concentrate on getting back into a rhythm. i finally found some semblance of seriousness and got back in it, but i'd just start giggling again every time i thought of my little stumble. classic.

Monday, August 10, 2009

WOD 8/10/2009

warm up - 2 laps + stretching

50 Thrusters (35 lb bar)
10 Pull-Ups (try two on my own, rest w/the box)
30 Thrusters (35 lb bar)
20 Pull-Ups (try two on my own, rest w/the box)
10 Thrusters (35 lb bar)
30 Pull-Ups (try two on my own, rest w/the box)

I GOT ONE PULL UP ALL ON MY OWN!!!!! the other ones i attempted didn't really come close and the one i did get was U-G-L-Y, but i did it and that's what counts! well sort of...i jumped to start off, but i couldn't even do that before so progress is being made and that makes me a happy girl :)

but this does NOT make me a happy girl - i have to take wednesday off this week bc i have to work out of the LA office that day so that means we meet up here to leave for LA at 530AM :( so not excited about that fact AT. ALL. damn damn damn damn DAMN! ugh!!!!!!

so this is what i am planning for my week...
monday - xfit AM
tuesday - xfit AM, muy thai PM
wednesday - off against my will!
thursday - xfit AM
friday - xfit AM, run with T PM
saturday - muy thai AM
sunday - OFF!

Friday, August 7, 2009

WOD 8/7/2009

warm up - 3 laps + stretching
Max Pull-Ups 1st min
5 Push Press 2nd minute
15 Squats 3rd minute
Keep rotating up to 20 mins

Jared deployed today at 1030AM. i didn't sleep at all last night, i cried for a bit before i actually fell asleep but it was a fit-full sleep full of weird dreams. i think it hits me so hard because he's the closest thing i have to a brother, i love him like a brother and the thought of him getting hurt sort of just rips my heart open, for me yes, but mainly because T could not handle him being gone forever - it would quite literally kill her. but thankfully he's not going on a full tour (only 3-4 months instead of 6-7 months) but it still sucks and of course Tonice (my best friend since 8th grade, Jared's wife) is a wreck which makes the situation that much more intense. so we spent the day drinking, shopping and you guessed it...drinking some more. it actually ended up being a really fun day and i can tell T really appreciated me taking the day off to be there at the airport and spend the day with her. tomorrow is muy thai and i'm going to drag T's butt out of bed and to the gym no matter what! i am SO excited :)

ok, so i also realized today that i really need to start writing my "stories" again. my fun, lighthearted tales of katie b shenanigan's and the simply retarded things i do. cross fit doesn't lend to much of it because the workouts are so short and intense, but really i miss my stories so i'll try to get more entertaining again here soon, promise ;)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

WOD 8/5/2009

well let me just start off by saying i am so beyond dead, like i can't freaking function right now. i am definitely taking tomorrow off! there is no way in hell i'd be able to be any kind of productive! all i could think while we were doing our workout this morning was "holy shit Muy Thai was a BBBBAAAAAAADDDDDD idea last night, i think i'm going to die" hahahaha, that's what i get, i guess, for trying to do it all! the class consisted of Jhanex trying everything in his power to break me (or so it went in my head, he really doesn't even know who i am, so it wasn't really personal but i made it that way). he is by far the toughest instructor i have taken a class from to date. after an hour of brutality, he decided to end the class with something he referred to as 30/20/30 - as in 30 burpees, 20 mountain climbers, 30 squat jumps TIMES THREE MOTHER EFFING ROUNDS! and kept saying "if any of you fuck it up, we're starting over" and he meant it because he kept making us start over during our warm up! what the hell?! are you trying to make it so i can't walk off the mat when this is over!? and if that wasn't bad enough, he decided to tack on an extra 30 partner sit-ups TIMES FOUR PAINFUL ROUNDS!

oh and i ran in to this guy last night after class that i had been out with a couple of times, and tried to have a conversation with him but i was clearly not coherent. he said something, but since i never listen to what actual words leave his mouth, i replied with basically the same thing he had just said about my best friend's husband, who is a Navy EOD and is deploying for Afghanistan this week, he was like "uh yeah, i got to go" or something like that. it may have been a little more involved than that, but not much - although i wasn't even speaking clearly bc i was so effing dead from the class. after he walked away i just sort of like flopped to the ground in an attempt to stretch but really just sat there and then when i got up, found a puddle of sweat in the general shape of my ass! classy and attractive all at the same time i tell ya. if i thought anything of him at all, i might have been a little offended that he wouldn't even take 5 min to talk to me, but i honestly couldn't even form a coherent thought to save my life so then i find myself at Cross Fit this morning and the following hell ensues...

warm up - 3 laps + stretching

8 rounds of Tabata Bottom2Bottom Squats - this means you do squats for 20 seconds, hold you're down, engaged position for 10 seconds (this she called your rest time, MY ASS IT WAS REST TIME!) and then shoot back up to do 20 more seconds of squats, 10 more seconds of "rest" times 8 rounds
800 M sprint
8 rounds of Tabata Top2Top Push Ups - pretty much the same thing as above but instead of the down position hold for the 10 seconds "rest" you hold the plank position.

this was a horrid workout. just. horrid.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

WOD 8/4/2009

t's first day back to class since her and jared went on vacation and lucky for her Susannah made it a semi easy one...

warmup - 2 laps + stretching

5 deadlifts (105 lbs)
10 burpees
5 rounds

i was the first one done out of like 15 people. i. kicked. ass. and it was AWESOME! granted some people did deadlift more than me (duh, i'm not that good yet), but i'll take it :)

I'm going to try to make it to Muy Thai tonight at 5:30 and see how that feels. i may be in for a world of hurt come tomorrow morning kids...

Monday, August 3, 2009

WOD 8/3/2009

it was so NOT fun today...

warmup - 4 laps + stretching

5 pull ups
10 pushups
15 squats
as many rounds as you can in 20 min


the weekend was a VERY long one in the amount of stuff i had to do, but way too incredibly short in the amount of time i had to do it in. tons of stuff going on with me, but the one thing i can say (bc i dont have time to write today) is that i have found myself living in this moment more so than i think i ever have before. there are tons of new people in my life and some old that have helped to get me here and i'm having the most fun with it all ;)
more soon, promise...

one on one Muy Thai training session tonight to make sure i'm doing all the basics correctly then 15 min on the elliptical, all i can say is i can't seem to get full! i ate half a block of Wisconsin cheese with my dinner! oy :)

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