Saturday, February 28, 2009

March 1, 2009

its about that time -
to get my ass in gear
to get in the pool
to get on the bike
to get in my running shoes -
its time to train.

tomorrow will be my first official day back at it. what am i feeling? to tell you the truth, i'm feeling a little scared, uneasy, doubtful, UNmotivated and worst of all sort of like i'm not so sure i want to continue training like i did last July-October. i've been dealing with some personal demons - i guess on some level i always have been, always am, might always be...and that, ladies and gentlemen, doesn't bode particularly well for getting started in training again, but does permit me to work through it in a physical act instead of just a mental one, which i think will be a positive avenue. and to tell you the truth, these demons - they are what they are, something to work through - not hide from, deny or even be ashamed of. they are what they are and they've made me who i am today. me today needs to work through it. me tomorrow? well, who knows. better i guess. so here's to tomorrow and the prescribed activity given by the kind and thoughtful CB:

"let's just go out, get you back on the bike and do a ride. do what you want, nothing crazy. just make sure you're out there for 90 minutes and let me know how it goes"

90 minutes, huh? here goes nothing...or something :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

rain delay...

thanks for the well wishes and emails wondering where the heck i've gone off to now...your regularly scheduled reading breaks will be back soon - training starts March 1st as will all of the stories of hapless shenanigans and the trouble i always seem to find myself in while training ;) i am starting to get back into riding on a regular basis this week but the running (hopefully) and the swimming will officially start March 1 (did you hear that CB, there's the official date).

it was my birthday last Friday and i had a very fun filled weekend of family and friends. its safe to say i'm thoroughly exhausted and ready for some good sleep, but the time was well spent and my "all by myself big girl apartment" is looking better than ever and completely functional! other than that, work is a mosh pit and has been taking up the majority of my time lately. it does look to be settling down a bit so training shouldn't be such a scary task to try to fit in on a daily basis - or so i hope!

until then - sit tight, train well and rest up - 2009 training is going to be a hoot & a hol-la ;)

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