Wednesday, August 19, 2009

WOD 8/19/2009

*tear* my shoulder is hurt...again and that made today's prescribed workout pretty poopy:

warm up - 2 EASY laps + stretching

3-3-3 (heavy lifting/max)
overhead squats
front squats
back squats

this is what i really did:
3 X 20 overhead squats w/ the 25 lb bar
1 X 25 overhead squats w/ the 25 lb bar (i attempted to do the 35 lb bar on this one, but my shoulder wouldn't support it)
1 X 15 front squats w/ the 35 lb bar
1 X 15 front squats w/ 45 lbs
1 X 10 front squats w/ 55 lbs (this is where my shoulder started to really hurt with the added weight)
1 X 6 back squats w/ 55 lbs (we ran out of time)

i was not a happy girl this morning because i really don't feel like i accomplished much of anything. i really hate heavy lifting days and i wish Susannah would do them on the same day each week so i could just take that day off instead of getting out of bed before the ass crack of dawn to be disappointed when i find out what the work out of the day is going to be. oh well, it is what it is. last night's muy thai class was good, not nearly as hard as it has been the last couple of weeks, but a good workout nonetheless - i really need to make sure i get a good partner for these classes because that seems to make a huge difference in the amount of work put out. my shoulder held up okay throughout, but i definitely noticed it when we punched and did sprawls. so lots of ice and ibuprofen today with the evening off to pack for Texas. looking forward to tomorrow's group workout and then muy thai before i head out on Friday for a 7 AM flight! guess i know now to never let the boy book airfare ;)


rocketpants said...

Maybe a few days off of crossfit will help the shoulder. Funny...heavy lifting days were the days I LOVED when I did crossfit. ;-)

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Here's to quick healing!

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