Thursday, May 1, 2008

Barney Butter...mmmhhhmmm :)

to rival Denner's blog about Smart Balance Peanut Butter, i felt it necessary to make a shout out to my new found morning snack Barney Butter. i can't eat peanut butter because it gives me a gnarly headache and usually a stomachache. i was eating almond butter quite regularly about a year ago, but because my digestive system has been so compromised due to my gluten allergy, i wasn't having the best of luck with the normally very rough texture. my body just wasn't able to process it and digest it like it needed to. so i stopped eating it, but today people, today i have found the holy grail. this almond butter not only tastes great, it's as smooth as a baby's bottom. literally guys...its just as smooth as peanut butter (meaning that my body will not have nearly the issues it has with the tried and true almond butter from Whole Foods and Trader Joe's) but it's made from almonds! i am stoked to say the least and happy to report that my almond butter consumption is back on the rise :) now to get to that "efficiently burning fat as fuel" trend up and running...

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Jennifer Barney said...

Hi Katie,
I am so thrilled to read your post about Barney Butter! Can I ask your permission to link it to my website as a testimonial? I'd love to send you a t-shirt for you and Clara! Please write to me your address. Take care and thanks again

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