Monday, May 19, 2008

sicky sicky

so much has happened since my last post: 1) i decided on the bike i am going to get 2) came down with some sort of gnarly sickness that caused me to sleep by the toilet Thursday night due to my constant barfing, stuck me in bed sleeping the entire next day only to send me back to the toilet the following day so it could all come out the opposite end...and i'm still sick 3 whole days later 3) picked up my new bike and 4) attended Coach's dad's memorial gathering Jason had planned for Sunday afternoon. i will attempt to not make this the longest post in the history of posts by only covering numbers 2 and 4...i will cover 1 and 3 in my next post :)

i have no idea what caused this wave of inexplicable nausea, vomiting, dehydration, coughing, 102 degree fever and diarrhea. it's like my body exploded in a matter of hours. i had been to see the sports chiropractor at CSM that afternoon to get some work done on that damned pinched nerve and hopefully get some work done on my IT and whatever else he deemed necessary. he delivered. he worked me every which way and by the time i left, i felt like a different person, well physically anyhow. he gave me strict orders to not do any runs over 6 miles until the marathon especially now that we are on schedule to taper, but that each of those runs needed to be fartlek style and none of them were to be back to back. he promises i won't lose any fitness this way and i will lessen the risk of injury if i keep my mileage down each time but do it more often. so looks like the plan will be a Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday fartlek run until race day. i left his office to go test ride my final companion for the next couple of years and then headed home. i wasn't all that hungry so i decided to stop and pick up some groceries at Trader Joe's and see if i felt like eating dinner by the end of it. i sat on it awhile and finally decided that i should eat bc i had been working out pretty hard this week and should be smart about fueling so i thawed out a piece of frozen salmon i had just purchased from TJ's and cooked up some steamed cauliflower and had some root chips to go with. that was at 8, by 11 i was barfing my brains out with a 102 temperature feeling more awful than i have ever felt in my entire life. like someone had come into my room and beat the living shit out of me, left, and then came back for some more. this must have been a 400 pound whale of a man too, bc this thing has laid me out like you couldn't believe. so that's where i've been since Thursday night at 11.

Sunday was the gathering for Coach's dad and although i was still feeling awful, i was better than i had been. i wouldn't have even dreamed of missing this. Coach Gurujan has given countless hours to each and everyone of us who has done a Team In Training event. he has unselfishly given his energy, guidance, support, mentor-ship, concern, comfort and most importantly his love. i can't give his generous nature or my gratitude justice with words. he is a great man who, don't get me wrong, has his own faults like the rest of us, but is so deep in his wisdom and so willing to share it that you just couldn't ask for a better friend on your side in this game of life. so missing this gathering was not an option. i went to church at 9, stopped to get Coach and i sandwiches and headed to the beach to hear him tell stories about his dad, Robert Henry Dourson. it was a gorgeous day, the water was a perfect 65 degrees and the breeze brought fresh life into our tired bones. Coach got to ride for the first time since his hip surgery and then i got to spend the rest of the afternoon listening to stories about his dad as an LA County Lifeguard, who obtained two PhD's - one in Mechanical Engineering and the other in Artificial Intelligence. he was an amazing man. it was great to hear Coach talk about him and it was great to spend the time with him again.

i was disappointed to not see my "old root group" of tri buddy's there. they have, after all, been with Coach as long as i have, if not longer...but i'm sure they all had good excuses for not being there to support him. i'm sure they were thinking about him. a good amount did show and that's what's important. you could see the pride in Coach's face and the gratitude he shared with each of us for being there for him as he has always been there for us. and although i am laid out in bed for another day, i wouldn't have missed it for the world.

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