Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday Funday

so today is our day to drink and relax and catch up. Dana and i have quite effectively been able to accomplish this almost every single weekend since i moved out of Normal Heights. i have to admit, it's my favorite day of the week.

it always begins with church at 730AM. i love the priest at this mass and because i can't ever sleep in past 630, i figure i should go take advantage of his fantastic sermons. did i also mention that this quite possibly may be the most beautiful Catholic church i have ever stepped foot in? St. Gregory's; its amazing and i feel closer to God just being there. i should note here that i am not a super religious person, at all, but since the big break, i have felt better going to mass regularly again. i need it. i've always needed it. i was just too busy to notice...

then i usually make myself breakfast after stopping by Starbucks on my way home and read through the bulletin. then Dana comes over and we partake in mimosas (i think we decided yesterday to switch it to Bloody Mary's - more nutritious) and sun bathing by the pool. sometimes Brian is there, but mostly he's not and Dana and i have the entire afternoon to talk or sleep or just be happy hanging out in the silence of the hot sun. we have been known to add fun "field trips" to these laid back Sunday's. Field trip one - La Jolla on Easter Sunday for late lunch/early dinner. Field trip two - On the Border for yummy salads and margaritas (too dehydrating for our liking). Field trip three - adult book store for fun toys. which brings us to this week's Sunday Funday...

downtown to hang out at Nicky Rottens (fantastic ORGANIC food and pretty good Bloody Mary's, although we had to add a good amount of Cholula to our "extra spicy" order). then over to Victoria's Secret where we tried on sexy bras and i had to help Dana find the right size strapless to hold her very voluptuous chest :) if you want to hear more about that fun dressing room rendezvous, you'll have to ask her ;) then finally off to On the Border to watch the Stars game and drink at least 6 glasses of water a piece to rehydrate our parched asses (i don't know that i have ever felt that thirsty in my life. i literally could not get enough water in me).

another great Sunday Funday to add to the repertoire...thanks DanBan :)

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danban said...

it's MY favorite day of the week too :0)

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