Saturday, May 24, 2008

the last time


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racefan73 said...

did you read your own words?......why did he leave?...are you serious?...WOW you are not the least bit selfish right? trained......gave up every saturday morning...blah,blah,blah....wasn't he there the whole time you trained and because he has a "family emergency" you're pissed?He waited 4 weeks? could he....he went without your permission or what?....maybe there was a reason for the you know? you know anything about it at all? claim in your blog to have suffered a loss? sure didn't learn any compassion from it...oh wait you can't be that damn self centered and compassionate at the same time....wonder why he grabbed the chance to get out....probably hoped if you wanted it you would leave him alone...if your relationship was a "2 year craptastic myth of a relationship", what do you care if he is gone....I would thank God to lose such a jerk...he sounds like a loser and you sound like a selfish spoiled brat....grow up, life goes on...I was hoping to read about racing, instead I read about your spoiled attitude, what was the guy not rich enough, you sound like a spoiled princess...keep looking for that person waiting for you at the end of the finish line....for his sake he better be a spoiled prince

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