Tuesday, May 13, 2008

the good, the bad and the ugly

the good - i got back in the pool today after more than a year of not swimming...not at all, not even putting my big toe in the water with the intention to use the freestyle stroke to get me in any direction...yeah, its been awhile. the alarm went off at 4:44 AM but i finally got up at 5:05 thinking if i just get there and in the water by 5:30, i should be good to go for an hour swim and still make it back in time to shower and get things settled for work. the plan was to do a 400 meter kick, 400 meter pull and a 1200 meter slow, steady swim.

the bad - i got lost on a 5 mile island....really?!?! i don't know how many times i have been to the Coronado pool, but apparently not enough to actually know where i am going. i arrived on the island by 5:15ish not to actually get to the pool until 5:40ish. how does that happen?! i was frustrated that i hadn't gotten directions, after all i could quite literally get lost in a dadgum shoe box. i had finally given up and was headed back in the direction i thought was home, but alas, i happened on the pool instead. God works in mysterious ways. i finally got my butt in the pool and moving by 5:45.

the ugly - and when i say ugly, i mean UUUG-LYEEE! can one forget how to swim? the answer is yes, absolutely. i could elaborate more on this show of utter hilarity that i am sure the poor lifeguards are still laughing about, but i will save myself the humiliation of putting it in words and let you imagine what a dying rolly polly looks like when he unexpectedly falls into a pool...disaster. i have A LOT of work to do on my stroke...its a good thing my first race back won't be until Wildflower Half of 2009. thank God i have all of that time to re-learn to swim and, God help me, improve!

i didn't get in all i had intended bc of my inaptitude to get anywhere by myself when it involves knowing exactly where i am going. so i cut the 1200 to an 800 to total my workout at 1600 meters but was happy with my showing, even if it was at the expense of my pride :) i ended the day with yoga at 7:15 PM after a long day at the office, and i'm planning on getting in another CP2 at 6:30 AM tomorrow to start the day as i have two test rides at Hi-Tech tomorrow evening:)

yes, you read that right, i am getting a bike...a real, bonafide tri bike. and yes, you can be VERY excited for me ;)

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