Friday, May 9, 2008


i had a dream last night, not unlike any other night because i don't ever remember not dreaming

(just a note: i have a whole other life, a very active and strangely fierce life. in the hours when my eyes are closed, when my body looks relaxed, when i am supposed to be peaceful and serene, i am leading alligator riding expeditions, sail boat explorations in far reaching jungles, free falling jumps off bridges into sparkling lakes so clear you could fall straight through, never reaching the bottom, and see all the beauty the world has to behold on your trip name a few)

...but this dream was a new dream. a dream that in the light of day i would never, could never think might actually happen, but last night...last night it did. there were a group of people surrounding me amongst a larger sea of anxious bodies. my immediate group was strangely compromised of my closest friends from grade school and we were all concentrated on one thing...the gun shot off and so did we, into the green murky mass of water set before us. suddenly we were on land again, like in a time warp, but feeling exhausted as we had been swimming for quite awhile, or so it felt...strangely ready for the next jaunt. i remember seeing my mom there, cheering me on with such a look of awe and wonderment that i smiled dorkily with a thumbs up as she waved me on...when i awoke i could still feel the tension of pure competition running through my veins, the burgeoning feeling of intense pride and no reservation for anything except the daunting but do-able task at hand. when i awoke i realized i was in the midst of completing my first Ironman race

...dreams; they're funny business, especially when they plant seeds of interest, doubt, excitement, fright and possibilities into your psyche. not that i am going to make any plans or do anything crazy...well in the foreseeable future anyway ;)

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