Monday, May 12, 2008

hell on earth

and i mean this in the most literal sense of the term. H - E - DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS! the morning started off well enough. i got to the train station early to make sure all tickets were in order. everyone showed up except one runner and we were off to load the train cars. what an eerie feeling it is to take a train 30 minutes in one direction with the intention of RUNNING back to where you started. okay, eerie may not be the best choice of words...i think crazy may cover it better.

we shot the shit on the way up, all of us trying not to think about what we were about to begin, our longest run to date - 20 miles. we exited the train and began to make our way through the massive crowd of fellow runners. it just so happens that the TNT RNR team in its entirety was also doing the exact same run, as well as two other run groups. it would be a nice race simulation had we waited to start along side them, but we took off before the other runners had even begun to gather to listen to last minute instruction. it was already 7:15 and we were anxious to get going.

Michael decided to take his own path straight down the coast to add on the extra 2 miles at the end of the run. we opted to tack on the mileage on the front end...there would be no way i could run past my car without veering off to greet it with open arms and impossible to not drive away in it without adding in the final two miles. this decision was the best i would make all day.

Elle, Alexis and I all began the run together and stuck beside each other for the first 4-5 miles or so. as the run stretched on, we broke apart and settled into our own runs and took it from there. i have to say here, thank God for IPods...really, thank you Lord for giving someone the idea to invent them. i know they are a puss way to train, but Lord, thank you...i had already started to hurt pretty badly in the good ole' knees and IT and we were only 6 miles into the run. this was going to be a lllooooooonnnnnngggggg day.

my nutrition was spot on, Accelerade the entire time in my run bottle along with 2 packs of shot blocks that i took about every 20 minutes. i felt great energy wise and cardiovascularly. i was stoked to be running this route but from here it turned into a mixture of complete awe and terror. i can't really go into too much detail bc as i hit Encinitas (the town before Solana Beach where our cars were), which i approximate to be about 6 miles out, i had tunnel vision. i have never in my entire life been in so much pain (read pain as "the most unimaginable struggle between body and mind you could possible fathom"). i had to stop and walk 3 times bc the pain was making me so nauseous. i literally had to walk to settle my stomach. the worst thing about it was that walking hurt almost as much as running, yet i was getting to my destination that much slower! its a crap deal when you know you could keep going at a strong pace, really put in some great miles in good time, but your body just won't allow it. i felt great except for the excruciating pain radiating throughout my lower body and up into my spine, which in turn, dispersed into my central nervous system, to be rerouted to every single inch of my physical being with every single step i took. it was like an electrical shock wave was sent coursing through my body with each pound of the foot. i made it through the last 4 miles in tears and a stream of Hail Mary's running through my mind. it took me just under 4 hours to complete the entire 20 miles (i think i may have ended up running slightly more than 20, as i was supposed to take a turn somewhere that takes you off the coast and shoots you somewhere up a distance or maybe that means i ran less, who knows). it was pure, unadulterated, unequivocal agony...

i've come to the conclusion that i may have a pinched nerve or something of the sort in my sacral area along with the screaming banshee that has been inhabiting my IT. i have an appointment with the sports chiropractor on Thursday. i am praying he can do something...I DID NOT MAKE IT THIS FAR TO QUIT NOW, NO WAY NO HOW!

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