Wednesday, May 28, 2008


so i've spent the better part of my morning having a bit of a freak out regarding the up and coming 26.2 miles of hopeful camaraderie, positive thinking, extreme fatigue, and constant personal battles of the mind, body and spirit. i am in a word scared. scared shitless to be frank, and i'm not quite sure how to deal with it. sort of like a giraffe up a tree as a lion patiently stalks at the bottom, waiting to attack when it finally comes down. and come down it will. i mean, this is by far the craziest physical stunt i have ever attempted to do thus far. i will be singing a different tune come May next year, but for now, this is scaring me. my freak out came along right about the time my boss came in and and had me start planning out pace times, spectator locations and race day details. i guess it is about time to start planning out all the specifics but it just got my nerves a dancing. and i don't mean the waltz people. i mean the full fledged, full blown Stomp. and because i have been on strict "no running allowed" orders from the powers that be, my confidence level is quite low. not to fret - i do have a plan. probably not the most effective of plans in the world of plans, but don't the underdogs normally come out on top in this crazy world? can i not have my fairy tale ending of crossing the finish line in under 5 hours with a huge smile on my face and a body that has held up through the trials and tribulations of injury in the most successful of ways possible?! YES YES YES i say!!!!!

so the plan: first cortisone shot in the left knee last Thursday (check), Yoga Tuesday night (check), swim Wednesday morning (check), Yoga Wednesday night, course drive-by Thursday morning, two more cortisone shots in the good ole knees Thursday afternoon, see Spirit of the Marathon Thursday evening, swim Friday morning, Yoga Friday night, pick up the best mom in the history of moms late Friday night, packet pick up and relax Saturday, eat a really yummy dinner Saturday night and then (drum roll please)...wake up BEFORE the ass crack of dawn to head down to the start line to awaken the truly incredible physical aptitude my body has yet to reveal to itself Sunday morning.

what do ya think? good plan huh? :)

[enter lots of words of encouragement and positive thoughts here. i need them like a fat kid needs cake...with frosting...and lots and lots of sprinkles...maybe some ice cream too]

here we go kids. here. we. go...

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