Wednesday, May 7, 2008

i love you, i love you, i love you!

i know you have all heard it before - love at first sight. you just see all the good in one single package and all seems right with the world. this is how i felt the first time and i was so overwhelmed...i had never felt this way before, so relaxed, so at peace, so relieved to have finally found the one. i wasn't ready at the time to commit, but being there again last night, in that place i first met my match, brought it all back. i mean its a very liberating and serene feeling to be so connected. i feel like i've been searching all my life for the thing that balances me out, centers me in a way that doesn't bring me down or hold me back, but instead lifts me up and allows me to see the strength in myself. i love you for the insight you have brought into my life. i love you for making me sweat more than i ever thought i could. i love you for stretching me to new heights and pushing me beyond my limits - physically and emotionally. you bring clarity and tranquility to my very stressful and hectic life. i love you for pushing me along and helping me to become the person i want to be....Core Power Yoga, i love what you do to me ;)

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