Thursday, May 8, 2008

workouts this week

here's what has happened so far:

1) Monday - rest and attend Sport Endurance Lecture at Coastal with Dr. Martinez; very interesting session where i learned a bit more about how fat is utilized as an energy source in long distance events and endurance athletes and how it is superiorly efficient to glycolisis. other things were covered as well, but this is what has been on my research plate most recently so i was stoked to get information from a doctor who knows what he is talking about.

2) Tuesday - 4 mile run from Fiesta to De Anza and back without the orthotics in (Greg says he'd like me to start doing my shorter runs without them to see how it goes. he doesn't think i really need them, but that just stopping cold turkey might tweak something, so continue with them for the long runs...seems to be fine so far. this was my second short run without them in). Run felt pretty good, but also pretty slow. my energy was lacking. CP2 class: (Clea) A-MAZ-ING hour long sweat session that left me feeling revived and clear headed, not to mention soaked to the bone.

3) Wednesday - CP2 class: (Brad) hour long session, not quite as intense as last night's but still good. i felt extremely tired and completely worn out today, but the class helped me work some of that out. i felt great afterward and ready to get some rest.

here is what is to come:

1) Thursday - i am planning on a short 4 mile run from Fiesta to De Anza again. i am really tired today and feeling like recovery is not coming easily for my body. i think its because of the length of these past couple of long Saturday sessions. i think just running tonight should suffice and then to bed as early as possible.

2) Friday - CP2 class: (TBD)...

3) Saturday - 20 FREAKING, GOD FORSAKEN MILES OF PAVEMENT, FOLLOWED BY LOTS OF DRINKS OF THE ALCOHOLIC NATURE TO SUBDUE THE INEVITABLE PAIN I AM GOING TO INFLICT ON MYSELF...IS THIS THE DEFINITION OF MASOCHISM?! Lord have mercy on my body. please keep my legs long and strong, my mind sharp and focused, my spirit soaring and my sanity in tact...Amen.

4) Sunday - CP2 class (TBD if i can walk) and i am supposed to move today...oy vey in the most exasperating sense of the term


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BAM said...

drinking after you run...what a concept! i like your blog, and i do know how i happened upon it.


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