Thursday, May 15, 2008


it happened again! i actually got up and got myself to the pool this AM. still got lost, but it was only a 2 minute detour this time and i quickly found my way to the pool with a chuckle at my lack of directional proportion to anything. it was a surprisingly warm morning and the pool was a bit chillier than it was on Tuesday. i used to have a whole 5 to 10 minute whine session about getting in the 50 meter pool and how i wanted to swim in the "baby pool" that was an annoying 25 meters just so i could be warm...blah blah blah. in short, i have learned to suck it up and just jump in. i think the lifeguards recognized me from my poor showing two days prior and sort of sat up a little straighter so they could have a good view of the laugh riot about to occur. i do however feel that my stroke was MUCH smoother today and i was able to get into a groove. now whether or not that groove actually resembled what swimming should look like, i have no idea. i will need to find someone quite quickly to come and check out my stroke so that i am not practicing bad form for too long. its hard to break bad swimming, in relationships, in life.

the workout - 400 meter kick, 400 meter pull, followed by an 800 meter slow and steady (breathe every 5th stroke for the first 400, and every fourth stroke for the last 400), to end with a 50 meter sprint and a 50 meter recovery X 2, totalling 1800 meters...AWESOME!

it felt great. next week i will make sure to get to the pool earlier so i can do the above except extend the sprint/recovery set to X 4, rounding out an even 2000 meters. i love this thing they call tri ;)

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