Tuesday, May 20, 2008

the great bike debate: part deuce

so i did my first test rides on Wednesday and these were my findings:

1) Kuota K Factor SL - although the frame is really nice (full carbon), the components rock and they were going to give it to me at a really smoking deal, the fit is all wrong for me. the seat angle is way too far back for me and i was pretty uncomfortable/unstable throughout the entire test ride. i just couldn't find a good groove any which way i tried.

2) Jamis Comet - i couldn't get past the awful componentry. the shifting was awful, rough and inconsistent. overall i hated the bike the moment i got on it; i was really squished into the frame and didn't feel at all comfortable in any aspect of the ride.

3) QRoo Kilo - full aluminum frame and really nice components make for a pretty great ride. i honestly didn't feel much of a difference, if any between the Kuota frame and this frame. i did however feel a HUGE difference in the ease and comfort of the shifting and handling over the Jamis, which was comparable to the ease of the Kuota. this told me something HUGE: the actual material of the bike isn't as important to me as the comfort and control of the components that make up the bike. i don't know that i am heavy enough to feel the difference of the carbon vs. aluminum edge. all the better for me seeing as how aluminum is a whole hell of a lot cheaper than carbon. so at the end of this test ride, the Roo is at the top of the list...but its a damn heavy bike to carry around!

my second day of test rides was on Thursday and this was my finding (i only ended up doing one):

1) Giant Aeryn - the perfect bike for me! the stretch and seat angle were spot on, the components shifted like a fine tuned instrument (of kick ass metal that i will stealthily make use of on my attacks in future races), and the carbon/aluminum mix of frame makes the bike both light (only 14 lbs) and stable. i loved it! the feel of the weight between my legs, the ease of the turns, the wind in my hair...er, sounds like we're entering into a dirty porn - hahaha. ok, so you get the point, its was perfect. SOLD! i did have them upgrade the front derailleur to Ultergra so all of my components, except the petals and brakes which are 105's, are either Ultegra or Dura Ace. i also had them switch out the factory aero bars to the T2 Carbon...all in all, its a damn sweet ride and i can't wait to get on it and ride like the wind :)

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