Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Training Update #1

Well hello again everyone, I just wanted to send you a quick update on how the triathlon training and fundraising is coming along...THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

Stuart Grazier, CA
ChrisMorrison, Dallas, TX
Nicole Astrella, NJ
Mom (ofcourse!!!!!!)
Cody Beierman, Belton, TX
Jessika Stephens,Dallas, TX
Adam Johnson, TAMU, TX
Robert & Sonja Hunsaker,CA
Grandma Nellie Bell, FL
Tonice White, CA
Tammy & Rick Bartley, AR
Russel Robbin, TAMU,TX
Brett Keen, CA

I am up to $660 and I earned my cycling race jersey!!!!! I got to wear it this weekend for our first big ride and I felt so proud so thank you all again so very very much for your generosity! I still have quite a way to go, but I know it will happen :) Training is going very well; I finally purchased my road bike (that was a very pretty penny, but I absolutely love it and was well worth the money!) and have only fallen off a total of 3 times. I know, I know, I just get comfortable on the dadgum thing and then forget to unclip both feet when I stop, then - plop...over I tumble! At least I am at a stand still when this happens or I might not make it through the rest of the season! :) Here's a look at this week's training so you all know what I am doing to prepare for this monster:

Sunday: 10 AM run at Mission Bay as usual. Be sure you are working on your “base-building.”

Monday: Rest day. Eat something you really like!

Tuesday: 7:30 pm Open Swim at JCC. Work on drills, stroke form, endurance.

Wednesday: 6:00 pm track. As for this week. "Pyramid" workout. We will run 1200m, then 800m, then 400m, then 400m, 800m, and finally 1200m with the regular 1 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down

Thursday: 7:30 pm Coached Swim

Friday: Minimum bike distance 18 miles, or spinclass.

Saturday: Brick workout… this means Bike AND Run. We will be working on this difficult aspect of triathlon…running after you have been biking. It isn’t easy, but it gets better with practice.

Sunday March 5: NEW LOCATION FOR RUN: WEST END OFPENASQUITOS CANYON. This is a very hilly run and will definately work you!

So that's it for the update, I guess it didnt turn out to be quite so short, but thanks for reading, and remember, I still need all of your support in phone calls, well wishes, and most importantly donations so that I can actually participate in the race! YOU ARE ALL WONDERFUL.

love you, katrina, trina, katie, kate, kat...

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