Friday, January 2, 2009

Chef Kate's Corner: NYD

first off, there are many "traditional" items recognized all over the world for "what to eat for a happy and healthy new year". in my family the traditional fare usually constists of black eyed peas, bacon/ham/pork, and fish. you are supposed to eat nothing that moves "backwards" like chicken. so i took my traditions and turned them into something i could share with MPC...yum, yum, yum :)

New Year's Day Breakfast:
Harry & David's dark chocolate peppermint coffee with eggnog
gluten free pancackes with walnuts (MPC's also had shaved dark chocolote pieces in them)
topped with fresh blueberries
and an eggnog mascarpone sauce
scrambled eggwhites
and bacon
sorry this was taken with my camera phone -
my batteries died on the good one

New Year's Day Dinner:
procutto wrapped shrimp topped with aged, white cheddar
Novella Muscat Canelli
main course:
wild caught salmon sauteed in a zesty spice mixture and olive oil
dirty rice with corn, tomatoes, bell peppers and black eyed peas
and sauteed asparagus with salted pork to flavor

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Benson said...

OMG that looks damn good!
and good for you.

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