Wednesday, April 23, 2008

AJ, FR and TB

i am happy to report that as of Tuesday night AJ is my new best friend, FR continues to be my intimate partner along with TB in the sack...aaahhh, the life of an athlete :)

so i tried aqua jogging (which i have been fondly referring to as AJ) last night for the first time and it was surprisingly difficult. Greg doesn't want me on the eliptical because it puts your body at unnatural angles. he says AJ made him a faster, stronger competitor so here goes nothing...the night unfolded as such: i got off work and drove over to the 24 hr in BFE Rancho Bernardo because i thought it would be less crowded then the Babloa location...boy was i ever so wrong. i got in the gym, master floaty in tow, and quickly changed into my swimsuit. make note that i have not been in this suit since Lavaman training last year (oy vey!) so it was a bit snug (even though i have lost weight since does that happen?!). i was in a decent mood, mainly because i knew i was about to subject myself to an inordinate amount of public humiliation while i trotted around the pool, partaking in the 80 year old activity of pool acrobatics. to my dismay, i happened upon a very small, 3 lane pool, filled to the brim with swimmers...i think there were at least 5 sharing each lane, which did not bode well for my plans to run a muck in the water.

i'm not going to lie, i was discouraged and annoyed that i was not going to be able to get this much needed workout in. so in light of the overpopulation of the very small pool, i hightailed it out of there and back over to gunn's place to try my luck in his non-filtering, non-heated, ice bath of a pool before the sun set. i remember how freezing cold the water had been just a couple of weeks prior when Dana and i had attempted to stick our feet in, so i was not excited about this new change in AJ location, but it had to be done. i jumped in, not stepped in, so i would have no way of backing out.

the water wasn't that unbearable, nothing like Pac Grove temps, so i set my watch for my training times and went to it with my ipod blaring in the background on my "short run" list. i have to admit, i was laughing so hysterically at myself that i could not catch my breath, which i am sure added to the intensity of the session. about 10 minutes into it, i look up to see gunn, video cam in hand, documenting my total humiliation. it was a sight to be shuffling around the deep end of the pool in circles laughing my ass off, him standing near the shallow end catching it all on film. classic katie right there kids :)

after a pretty tiring workout, i finally exited the pool with little bugs stuck to me and jetted straight to the bathroom to rinse off. all in all, a good first AJ session, but i will definitely need to find a pool where i can get a good 25-50 meter stretch of open water to do my thing in. this circle movement got me a little nauseous ;)

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