Thursday, April 10, 2008

trainer?! i don't need a trainer...or do i?

so i went for a run today. it was just a 4 mile easy jog to get the kinks out from not having done anything for the past two weeks to let the IT Band recover from all of the abuse i've been handing it. this run did not feel good, actually it hurt pretty badly and i'm supposed to run 14 this weekend?! yeah i call Dr. Martinez to get his take on things (he did clear me to try this mini run by the way, i didn't up and decide that i should try it).

Eva suggests that i take up the clinic on their offer to have a free training session with one of their trainers and Ironman athletes. i say that i most definately can't afford it but she points out that he can atleast get me started on the right road to recovery if nothing else...she is a smart one! so i take her up on it and schedule my session for tomorrow (Friday) at 6PM. Dr. Martinez calls me back to tell me to come in a little early so we can discuss what went on during my run (free of charge!) and then he and Greg Griffen (the trainer i will be working with) will come up with something good for me...i love this place!

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