Wednesday, April 2, 2008

new doctor

so i have now been to Chad (who did nothing for me but play with my feet for $75 a session), Dr. Levinsohn (my orthopedic surgeon who cleaned up my chondromalacia and small miniscus tear), Runco (the orthotic guru who got me running to the point i am currently at, moving and shaking, but still in a lot of pain) and now (FINALLY) Dr. Martinez. i must say a few words about this, as i am known to talk a lot about the people who have helped me along the way. first off, i made one call to Coastal Sports Medicine (after making 3 to my previous doctor with no response) and was able to get a next day appointment. the receptionist, Eva, was a-maz-ing. so nice, so helpful, so exactly what you want when you call a doctor's office because in reality, no one really wants to make that hand over your hard earned money to have the doctor have you tell him what's wrong, agree with you and then tell you to take it easy, which has been my experience since getting back into the swing of things.

Dr. Martinez not only agreed to bill me in two seperate increments (i have an HMO that doesn't cover outside help) but he spent almost 2 hours with me doing a FULL evaluation that ended with me smiling because i finally knew what was wrong! i mean, i have never in my life had a doctor take so much time and show so much genuine concern for my well being. i was utterly amazed at the patience he showed as i babbled on about everything i could think of that was related to my pain and my running. i so highly recommend this sports clinic any time you have a small or large anything sports related. the care you recieve here is unmatched by any doctor's office i have ever seen (although, i'd assume that a pregnant women's OBGYN would have to come close to this!).

so what's wrong with me you ask? i have a pretty major IT Band injury due to the fact that i came back into this running thing a little too overzealously. my glutes aren't what they once were. they apparently have atrophied to the point that they have ceased to fire - meaning, the electrical signals that run from my brain through my nervous system to my glutes is not being recieved because i have let my ass get flabby. wonderful. glad to hear it. now not only does my knee hurt, well actually both knees, but now my ego hurts. OUCH!

Dr. Martinez gave me a battery of stretches and strengthening excercises i could do on my own (he doesn't like to charge athletes to come in so he can stretch them out or anything of the like) and said to really lay off, as in do not run except for non impact movement such as the elliptical, for atleast 2 weeks...oy, that one hurt even more, but i knew it was coming becasue i have barely been able to walk for the past two days.

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