Sunday, July 6, 2008

best weekend of the year! PART ONE

this year's 4th of July holiday weekend AKA Ultimate Weekend O' Fun consisted of lot's of good times, tons of laughter and a daily run of Biking Under the Influence with the one and only danban. we got a pretty early start on the festivities by ramping up the weekend Thursday night with 2 dozen oysters on the half shell split between Dana, her brother, mother and me. This included 2 or 3 Wyler's for me and a pitcher or two between the three of them. i then headed back to my apartment where i commenced the hour of hell - i decided that i would save a little cash on my 4th of July beach cruiser splurge by buying the dadgum thing un-assembled...if you know me you are thinking the exact same thing i already knew - TERRIBLE IDEA KATIE B, JUST DON'T DO IT!!!! but alas, i'm stubborn and think i can do anything. by the time Dana finally arrived for our sleep-over, i was damn near to the point of pulling out my hair and sticking the screwdriver in my eye. i had tools covering the kitchen floor and bike components, parts from God knows where and packing paper covering the living room floor. it looked like a Home Depot threw up and it all landed smack dab in the middle of my apartment. thank God Dana was able to walk me through the whole thing or else it could have gotten really ugly.

Dana liked my new cruiser so much, we got up early to get some very yummy breakfast at my favorite morning cafe - Naked, and then hightailed it over to BeachBikes to pick one up for her. i told her it was fine if she wanted us to put hers together in order to save cash, but i was secretly praying she'd get a pre-assembled one. my prayers were answered!!!!! she decided to go with the very stylish Dreamsicle cruiser and was the envy of every person we passed on our multiple jaunts through the beach towns.

so we headed down to OB to the Sunshine Company to meet Bryan, Matt and Dana's mom for pre-party beverages before jumping back on the cruisers to ride a pretty dadgum hilly 6 miles or so to the party in PB. the scene was comical really. i mean Dana and i are so used to being on our tri bikes, that we couldn't even hold the cruisers steady. i wasn't even drunk and i was swerving all over the place!

we finally made it over to the bay and rode around it until we hit the street to take us to the real festivities...unfortunately we were a little late and everyone was completely wasted! we had one beer/cider apiece before getting there and one while actually there, but we were too far behind and i just wasn't willing to take shots to catch up. so we decided to champagne it for the rest of the time to get a good, even buzz before heading back to Bryan's for (and i'm so not kidding) the most magnificent 4th of July feast ever! grilled jumbo shrimp, Alaskan King Crab legs, scallops and salmon. i mean who cooks such a schmorgusborge on such a drunk holiday?! that's right, the Banister brother! thank God too, bc i was starving :)

that was pretty much the end of that one. traffic was insane so Dana and i had another slumber party in order to start it all over again the next morning. we got up, got our bathing suits on and decided that for the sake of getting in some sort of workout later that day, we wouldn't drink. such a great idea considering the next day (that post is coming...). so we beach cruised it over to OB to soak up the rays that were sheepishly hiding amongst the marine layer and relax. because i always over look this simple fact - that the rays actually are there and they do still burn - and have learned my lesson by getting numerous burns so bad i swore i would never leave the house without a cover up, i put on sunscreen and passed out. Dana on the other hand did not and is still feeling the effects :)

all in all, Saturday ended up not being very eventful, but amazingly relaxing and just what we needed to be able to finish up the weekend with Sunday Funday...and boy was it ever ;)

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