Thursday, October 23, 2008

i love meat...

and lots of it. how, i ask you, could anyone be a vegetarian?! i have now gone three and a half days without any sort of meat in my system and you know what? it sucks. royally. now if any of you reading this are vegetarians, please don't be offended, i have the utmost respect for your will power - i apparently lack all such will power and could never in a million years sustain that lifestyle. its cruel and unusual punishment for a girl from Texas who eats steaks cooked medium rare at least once per week. don't get me wrong, i have done more extreme detoxes then the one from the last post - like not eating anything for 14 days except lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup (yes i did that and survived), but my need for meat never goes away. its always in the back of my mind, lulling me into it lair - where we feast on the deliciousness that it is.

for my first planned meal from the detox i had sauteed, fresh caught Alaskan Cod with a multitude of yummy spices in olive oil a top two cabbage leaves and garnished with fresh sliced mango and avocado...heavenly. i was so excited to be eating again that i almost didn't mind the fact that creeper was standing there drooling over it, asking me God knows what to try to make conversation. its a good thing i've learned to drown him out. i just concentrated on the taste extravaganza in my mouth, found my happy place where meat runs free and overflowing and thought about dinner and...more meat.

okay, so i am aware that fish can't really be considered meat, BUT its the closest thing i've had to it in three and a half days and because of that fact you have to slowly get your system prepped to breakdown the hard stuff like chicken, pork and beef (OH MY!). but don't you worry, my meat consumption is back in swing, my crankiness is about to hasta la vista itself right on out and my newly "cleansed" body will be ready for the 80 miler in the desert this Saturday in no time flat! hence the reason i had to plan my back to eating meal today instead of tomorrow - with the new factor of 95 degree heat, i didn't think it a smart idea to go into that type of ride with only one real meal in my system. hell, i may even get a little risque and throw some chicken in mix for Friday night instead of the fish - i just might be ready for the big league sooner than i had planned. here's hoping and here's to eating meat - in all of its yummy, nutritional glory!!!


BAM said...

given that you had already blogged about it, why did you even ask if i thought an 80 mile desert ride was a bad idea???? :)

have fun

rocketpants said...

you are too funny

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