Monday, December 1, 2008

i am a blog slacker

things that are preventing me from blogging:
the adventures of VB
having all of my shit strewn across 4 locations - BG's, storage, MPC's and my new place
my new place - it's phenomenal, too bad its phenomenally a mess and i have nothing to put in it except for what occupies my bedroom. yep, you guessed it - sitting on the floor and looking at bare walls will be your treat if you come to visit any time before my mom comes to rescue my poor, broke ass for my bday in February. currently counting down the days...
TNT coaching
my own training
traveling back to back to back (or so it seems)
my damned knees/IT's and all of the shit they put me through
trying to figure out what in the hell is going through my head - who has vaginas, who has penises and how in the hell those are interchangeable in some weird way
work - i'm drowing
being lazy (that's the best and most accurate one so far)
things i should have blogged about but haven't:
IMAZ and my rock star spectatorship
IMAZ and BAM kicking ass
Roo's and my adventures on the high seas - or really, the low valleys of sun and sand
Thanksgiving day extravaganza at Jim's
my fun weekends of riding Dina's beautiful Specialized S Works
boys and how freaking crazy they make me
my new found UNbrokenness (which was super fun to realize)
my 4 migraines in 2 weeks and probably a CAT scan if i have one more
upcoming things that i should blog about but probably won't:
coaching clinic in SF this weekend
my very first NYC trip
my move from 3 locations down to one in all of its entirety
work - learning how NOT to drown
what am i going to do about all of this non blogging?!
nothing for now.
i'm on a bit of a hiatus until i can figure some stuff out,
get an internet connection at my new place,
and get settled.
it may be awhile, it may be tomorrow - who knows.
i'm sorry to those of you who actually read this thing.
i will be better sooner rather than later, i promise.
just sit tight and i will return to my normally scheduled blogging just as soon as i can muster some time and creativity.


rocketpants said...

Sometimes life is just a little crazy and right now...that is what yours is. Enjoy the ride. There is always time in the future to blog. see you soon

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Apologies SO not hang in there and sort through stuff. Rocketpants is so right, life is like that. We're here when you want to bounce ideas around.

Benson said...

Whoa, you really are busy with all kinds of shit. Stay the course. No worries here miss. Good of you to update us. Always lurking. See you whenever.

gunnbr said...

Yeah--there's no way you're gonna blog about all that. Even some of that stuff you say you "should" blog about, you probably shouldn't! ;)

You should take your laptop to your apartment and see if you can find anyone else's internet connection to "borrow" before you get yours.

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