Friday, March 6, 2009


this picture has nothing to do with anything, i'm not quite sure why i like it so much...its how i'm feeling i a wooly mammoth...i am SO weird.

so my first "official" week back hasn't really been all that exciting - well except for my first "official" ride back, which you all got to read about...that was sort of exciting. i mean all that puking has got to be some titillating stuff - i got a record number of hits on the blog that day :) but i digress...

since then i have done two spin sessions while watching nameless shows on the computer and not really pushing anything too much because after Sunday's masquerade of a an actual ride, the knees were quite sore which makes me nervous and scared and the opposite of confident BUT i will not be beaten by this - yet. two months. one month to hate it and hurt a little. one month to start liking it and not hurt. two months total and i better be enjoying myself and feeling good or i will be sitting down to seriously weigh out my options for my future in triathlons. oh and i also did two CP2 yoga classes, can't forget that.

so CB agreed to let me do what i wanted this week (which hasn't really been much, i admit) and then next week...oh next week - all hell will break loose i fear. i have already caught wind of the dreaded time trials (EEK!). for the record, that does NOT make this girl happy, but if i must, i must and i know CB will not let me out of it so i have decided to take this last weekend of doing what i want and have absolutely no training involved with my good times (not because i don't want to, but because i am making a surprise visit to the cutest girl in the world for her birthday party). then i have a feeling i am going to hate my life come Monday morning when i get my new schedule and see what's in store. geeze oh peeze (who even says that anymore?! my grandma, that's who...who's the dork? this girl!).

have a great weekend everyone! katie b is ALMOST back at it...

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rocketpants said...

I hope those knees come 'round and then you will be 'back at it!!'. I hope you had a great visit.

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