Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Muay Thai Hurts the Weak

well i am worn the eff out from last night. Jhanex tried to kill me - literally. we did 80 squat jumps, 80 bear crawls, 80 squat jumps, 80 bear crawls to start the class AFTER our running warm up, shadow boxing and jump rope...the middle sets included 1) jab/straight/jab, two right, two left 2) 10 right, 10 left 3) jab/straight/hook/straight, 5 right, 5 left 4) 15 right, 15 left...we ended with 50 sit ups, 30 sit ups, 50 sit ups, 30 sit ups......BRUTAL! esp for being out for two straight weeks with a shoulder injury AND going low carb trying to find my sweet spot, ugh!!!! he just smiled the whole time - he was having a blast making us all hurt.

it felt great to be back, even though i was sucking it up! i had planned on going this AM too, but my shoulder just felt really tired this AM and kinda throbby (but not hurty like it has been), along with my body feeling like it had been thrown into a moving MAC truck so i opted to sleep a little bit longer. the doc said to get back in it easy so i decided that getting in tues/thurs nights this week will be good and then i can start doing Tony's classes on mon/wed/fri next week too. so muay thai 5 days a week until the shoulder is back to 100%, YAY :)

i do have to say that the rehab exercises are really helping. i can feel a pretty noticeable decrease in my shoulder pain and i've only been doing them consistently for a couple of days so that is fantastic news! now to just get my cardio level back up to par, oh the fun that will be had ;)

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