Tuesday, March 20, 2012

game changer

last deployment i read books about the Iraq war (best one being The Good Soldier) and thought "why would this deployment be any different?" for some strange reason i feel closer to my husband when he's away if i'm "experiencing" some of the things through writers that he cannot express over the phone (although, so far, and i am almost done, the Green Berets have gotten a bad wrap in this book, which is unlike anything my husband has ever alluded to, as he is one of the most honorable, capable men i know and he is a Green Beret, but i digress...). except it is different because this war itself is different and this book has "shown" me that...Outlaw Platoon is a total game changer and although i cannot even write this post without welling up in tears, everyone should read it. a glimpse into the eyes of our soldiers who give everything just for us...reminds me of our world's most ultimate Hero - thank you Jesus for your sacrifice and for giving that heart to so many of our men in arms...this is one of the best books i've ever read and although, as i am finding out, it was a terrible idea to read this while my husband is down range, i wouldn't change reading this book for anything. the sacrifices our men make, the absolutely indescribable things they are forced to reckon with, all here in this book...i am so proud to be an American and an Army wife. thank you for writing this book Captain Parnell, it has been almost spiritual for me and has changed how i view, well, most everything...

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