Thursday, March 22, 2012

thank you Jesus...

- for allowing me to be able to run again without pain, as i am finding, it is even more quiet time with you and maggie is loving it.
- for being patient with me as you teach me patience and the discipline i need to have to practice it daily.
- for my bible study and the book of James - the homework has really been working on me lately and i can feel your presence.
- for allowing me to see that i make snap judgements of people and i am not always right, i will work hard to be better at giving the benefit of the doubt without being naive.
- for maggie, i know i complain a whole lot about what a pain in the arse she is, but i do love her so and am so grateful to you for entrusting us with her sweet little heart...even if she is a raggamuffin.
- for answering my prayers at each turn, you truly love me and know me.
- for keeping el hubbo safe and sound, i miss him more than words.
- for leading me on a path of health and recovery - i know you are guiding me and are helping me to discern the best course of action, i promise to continue to pray on it and listen for your answers.
- for the recent friends you have put in my path, more prayers answered for strong Christian role models that i can learn from and grow.
- for loving me enough to break me down when i am riding the "highs" of the world a little too hastily
- for grounding me and showing me humility when i need it most
- for allowing me the confidence to put ALL my faith, ALL my trust and ALL my love in You.

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