Monday, March 19, 2012


you know when something just doesn't feel right. like something in the pit of your stomach i've been feeling that way all morning. it kind of feels like when i used to drink and have a leeeetle too much, i'd wake up with this uber queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach, dehydrated, cranky, horrible headache and running "hot". ubt since i've been alcohol free for almost three months now, that would not be the cause of my conundrum. if i didn't know any better, i'd think i was preggars, but that's not possible - i'm currently being inhabited by the monthly "visitor" and have had my period every month since el hubbo left, so that's not it. this actually happened a couple of days last week too...wonder if i need to lay off my one cup of joe in the morning. it's literally only one cup (and then i usually bring a pre-made mug of one more cup for the afternoon to work), but maybe that's what's causing the upset. IDK, but what i do know is sumthins amuck. oh and i started reading this book Outlaw Platoon, bad - no HORRIBLE idea and now that i am more than halfway through i can't stop but i am definitely sleeping a little less soundly, not worrying per say, but i think during my subconscious sleep, my mind is wondering to things it shouldn't be. so word for the wise, if you have a deployed hubbo in the woods of hell, prolly shouldn't read a book that gruesomely depicts the near death battles of a platoon on the battle fields of said place where el hubbo is supposed to be...just sayin', it's wrong to do to yourself. and on that note, i am leaving work early for a dr appt but will have to leave even earlier so i have time to stop by the house and pick up that dadnab book so i can read while i wait...sigh.

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