Wednesday, June 25, 2008

50 things i loved, love about you...

1. your "bull nose"

2. your hugs

3. your beautiful hair

4. your very tan skin

5. the way you so effortlessly picked up any sport you tried

6. the way everyone who ever met you loved you

7. your smile

8. your always happy, laid back attitude

9. the fact that you never stressed about anything

10. the fact that for a solid year you lived off of strawberry pop tarts and chef boyardee

11. the hat you gave me the time i came to your apartment and looked like hell

12. when you called me your little sister even though i was older than you by 5 years

13. that you used to rest your elbow on the top of my head to try and annoy me

14. letting you do "superman" on my feet in the living room

15. having to visit "our relatives" together bc having you there made it bearable

16. having you come to my banquets every year even when you really didnt want to go

17. how chubby we used to be

18. the fact that you had braces twice and i only had them once

19. each time i thought i killed you (ok, i hated that part) and then you would wake up

20. your smart ass comments

21. your chilibowl haircut all through elementary school

22. the fact that you hated Woo

23. the fact that you always stood up for me

24. you always made me feel pretty

25. you always made me feel smart

26. you always made me feel special

27. your fantastic taste in clothing

28. your "doodoo brown eyes" that looked like chocolate and not the doodoo you said they did

29. your work ethic

30. Megan

31. your nickname "dooser doo" after the Fraggle Rock Doosers

32. your "angel butt face" nickname and the way you got it

33. your woobie

34. when you used to steal the ladies underwear section out of the Macy's ads

35. when we used to go down to the park and roller blade together

36. your hockey games

37. after we would fight, you would still love me

38. you would always sit next to me at campfires

39. you would aways want me to go first until you got older, then it was you first

40. your forgiving nature except when it came to crappy mike who didnt deserve it

41. that your favorite color was pink and you were so proud of it

42. your ever present and endearingly cute cockiness

43. the way you always stuck up for the little guys

44. how you made everyone feel welcomed and liked

45. how excited you were the day we got baptized together

46. the fact that you loved being my brother

47. that you left us with Clara and she looks and acts just like you

48. how much you loved Collin and he loved you

49. the fact that you are a hero and you gave your life for someone else's

50. that God let me have you in my life, even if it was just for a little while

...and still do. i love you Clark Anthony - always, forever and unending.


Benson said...

Very good memories. Keep them alive.
You write wonderfully. Sad or happy, serious or funny. Keep it going.

Nice job on changing the flat and your firs brick. You are back at it indeed.

Wil said...

Have you seen Saint Ralph? I think it would be a good movie for you to see, it's lighthearted but poignant, about a young smart aleck kid who dares to believe in miracles... in that a 14-year-old can win the Boston Marathon if he believes hard enough that he can. After all, anything is possible right? ;)

I know this is a hard time for you, some days don't seem doable, but you're doing it sister. Every day you're doing it even when you feel like a complete failure at enduring all this. Like Benson said, just keep it going, one foot in front of the other, and that's all you really have to do out there to make it through...

Rebecca said...

Ok sis you were right maybe I should have waited to read this one. I am crying. Ditto for me "Doozer". You were one of God's greatest gifts for this family.

Jessika said...

This was a beautiful post. I didn't know your brother personally but this gave me a small peek into his life. I KNOW I would have really liked him.

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