Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Day of Non Training

so my conversation on google chat with Bri tonight before i left work:

me: is it 5 yet?
well yes katie b
actually it is...
and what did you have planned for this evening?
loops around Fiesta AND yoga.
whats that?
youre not doing either
hhmmmmwell thats unfortunately lazy
but good for you

Brian: LOL
So far you're cracking me up!!

me: i just reread what i wrote and am laughing hysterically
i crack myself up
Brian: So what happened?
Why aren't you doing anything tonight?

me: i'm really tired
like abnormally tired
and starving
so i'm going to eat and sleep
a little like garfield
wow, i'm a fat cat
thats nice
and i hate cats
esp fat ones
so wow, i'm really loving myself at this moment in time
yay for me

Brian: LOL
You are too much!

me: well i try ;)
okay, im out to commense the fat cat syndrome
have a good one

Brian: You too!

me: talk to you tomorrow

Brian: TTYL!
Have a great night!

aaahhhhh, this is what good friends are for - they let you be fat cats and even though they are laughing, they are laughing with you and loving you for it. thanks Bri :) i'm so glad we're friends.

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gunnbr said...

You're welcome Katie! :)

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