Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Why Do I Tri?

Team Evotri,
People from all walks of life start training and participating in triathlons everyday for a variety of reasons – some to lose weight, some to get back into working out, some to build confidence, some to revisit the world of the living after a major tragedy; unfortunately, I happened to be the latter. After my brother was killed in June of 2005, I was in a place so low that I couldn't decipher which way was up and which way was down. I decided to join Team In Training because getting out of bed each day was becoming a chore and making it through each day was becoming unbearable. I needed an outlet; I needed to be around good people doing good things for themselves, for the community but ultimately for others. I needed to be a part of something bigger than myself. I worked hard to train and complete my first race – the 2006 Wildflower Olympic Triathlon. The experience was one that quite frankly is hard to put into words. It was truly one of the most tremendously challenging and fundamentally defining moments of my life thus far. Hence my life in triathlons began. Being a part of such an incredibly generous group of people did wonders for my spirit and helped me to focus my hurtful energy into something greater. When I found out that knee surgery had to be performed if I wanted to continue this lifestyle, I was devastated. What was I to do without the daily grind of swimming, biking and running? I had a really hard time after that and in January of 2008 decided that enough was enough. The only way to get back into training was to jump in, head first, and hope not to crack my skull. I prayed that I would somehow upright myself and land on my feet - and land on my feet I did…running. I trained and completed the 2008 San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon on June 1st and it was my grand re-entrance to the wonderful world of something bigger. My team raised money for the Alzheimer’s Association…we were racing to remember for those who could not. Now I see something bigger in the members of Team Evotri that I would love to be a part of. I hope to make a difference by continuing to utilize my three nutrition certifications and training experience in helping triathletes of all ages in every aspect of training, nutrition, racing and camaraderie. I want to help those who have been handed something overwhelming in their life – whether it be a death, an illness or something else that may be working against them – and help them turn it into an energy so positive that their soul shines because they have found the outlet that enables their life to make sense through sport. I love this thing called tri and would feel honored to be able to continue to spread the word alongside such an incredible group of individuals.

Happy Tri-ing,


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