Wednesday, June 25, 2008

feeling better...



Wil said...

You'll find your way Katie, and he'll always be with you to help you if you'll let it be that way.... alongside you to celebrate each of your victories, as well as to elbow you in the ribs and try to make you feel lighter in the face of your defeats. All you have to do is believe it.

Big hugs for you :)

someonewhocares said...

I am trying to put this as nicely as possible. It has been 3 years. You need to start seeing someone about this. I'm not saying you need to forget, but you need to move on. You CAN NOT let an anniversary debilitate you THIS much. It is not healthy. And everyone that knows and loves you just wants you to be happy and healthy. Please take care of yourself and see someone that you feel comfortable talking to so you can find that happiness. You need to start celebrating Clark's life, not drowning yourself in the sorrows of losing him.

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