Wednesday, January 25, 2012


i just wanted you to know that i love our life, save for you being gone. i love our house, i love our dog, our bed, the fact that we have plenty of money to put GOOD QUALITY food on the table, can pay all of our bills and have money left over to do stuff like the fence and doghouse for Maggie. i love that we are healthy, that you support me in that health and are healthy too. that i have a gym that i love and am making great friends there...ok, i don't LOVE my job, but i like it and that is better than most can say. i love that you brought me here and it sucked balls and i had to do a lot of digging and soul searching and change all of the crap i had about me so that i could be a better person (well a lot of the crap, i'm still working on some of it or rather working on not falling into old habits, which i think is normal...). i love that we finally found a church that feels like home. thank you for loving me, for trusting me, for providing for me, for being a man i am so proud to be married to, for never settling for less and expecting nothing but excellence from me, for holding me to a standard that i have to work hard to meet - i love that you push me to work hard, hard work is what builds character and i've got plenty of it and more coming everyday ;) of course not everything is perfect and we don't have all that we want, but damn it if this isn't the first time in my entire life where i feel completely content and...happy. really happy at the end of the day, in love and loved. i already can't wait for you to get home. i love you baby, MUAH!

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