Thursday, January 12, 2012

things i need to remember...

1. got a PR on my clean today - 90# (attempted 90# split jerk from the clean, but couldn't get full extension at the top. two separate attempts and failed both times. moved to the rack to try but then ran out of time and the WOD started.)
2. decision for SD, this is a big one. i'm feeling really unsettled about it for some reason even though the flight plans and what been worked out...don't know why, but it just doesn't feel right. i have asked God for guidance and know he is laying out a path in front of me for the best.
3. plan for the little one. its gonna cost me. big. but, it has to be done. right now her living situation while i'm away at work is unacceptable. i may or may not be considered an abusive mother...and she's only a dog :(
4. miss my husband. miss my best friend. miss my sounding board and my heater. too bad they're all the same person and that person is playing in the woods for the foreseeable future. ho hum. will be good to have him back in October, that's for sure.
5. supposed to snow today, wonder if it will happen. snow day tomorrow??!? yes, please :)
6. current weight with clothes and vans on = 132 (ugh). current bf = 25.1% (which i have to admit was lower than i was expecting. the hubby and i guesstimated about 30%, guess i have more lean mass on me than i thought, which is fantastic news!).
7. Nicole says i cannot have my NOW protein any more bc of the fructose content and soy derivatives. i may cry at this news. its the only protein i've found that works in my system. anyone out there have any suggestions on protein isolate that is crap free? i CANNOT do concentrate, it stops me up something good and create a bloatation device around my stomach that could provide buoyancy if i was left for dead at sea...just sayin'
8. goals for the year 2012 physically: 16% bf that is maintainable (totally do-able, thank God for providing me with a great gym and coaches), 95# ground to OH, 2 muscle ups in a row, walk/run the little one at least 3 days per week.
9. goals for the year 2012 financially: pay off rest of car loan (yippeee), then start putting all extra money towards the pay off for the hubby's truck. next up, save for a new car, pad the savings and start investing as soon as those two bills are obsolete.
10 goals for the year 2012 spiritually: join some kind of bible study, read at least 3 new books with some substantial meaning while the hubby is gone, get as much sleep and rest as possible to heal from the strain i've put my body through the past decade or so, and have quiet time with God every single day.
11. make fun of the Pristine Army Wife, or as she shall now be called - PAW for being an idiot.
12. write in my blog at least each day of the week (save for the weekends) so i have some sort of record of this year since the hubby won't be here to witness all of my mishaps, shenanigans and fun ;)

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